Why It Matters – The April 27th Show

Biden Busted


Tara Reade’s allegations re Joe Biden assault corroborated—

  • By her mother’s contemporaneous call to the Larry King Show
  • By a still-pro-Biden Democrat neighbor who heard her complain at the time

Comparison to the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh is stunning

No corroborating evidence of any kind as to time, place or action…

Dem Senators voted against Kavanaugh; silent as to Biden

Should permanently put the lie to #MeToo and “Believe the Woman” as nothing but leftists’ tactics for attaining political power for their pro-abortion agenda; nothing whatsoever to do with moral values or justice or truth


Re-Opening America: Virus Politics v. Science


Follow the science?

Multiple credentialed medical experts around the country say

High infection rates exist (NYC 25%); they prove very low lethality

Herd immunity needed; stay-at-home and social distancing: WORST POSSIBLE ACTIONS

Media never questions the substance; only questions who is the best ‘expert’

Prison study showed 3,300 infected, with 96% asymptomatic

And govt officials are releasing prisoners everywhere?





Lt. Gen. Flynn to be Free?


Credit to AG Barr—

Appointed outside-the-Beltway US Attorneys to review work of Beltway DOJ

US Atty for Missouri discovered and produced to Flynn court voluminous Brady material

Material under seal, but Atty Sidney Powell has now argued more strenuously for dismissal

This is tip of the iceberg stuff…FBI and DOJ caught in corruption as bad as anything in American history…framing and entrapping a three star general because Obama did not like Flynn’s take on the Islamic threat and was helping Trump…this behavior permeated the

entire Russia collusion hoax and the Ukraine impeachment scam

Barr/Durham needs to deliver indictments and arrests, SOON

The American people KNOW what happened, running out of patience


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