Why It Matters – The April 28th Show

Why It Matters – The April 28th Show

Oscars TV Ratings Bomb


Oscars’ TV ratings plummet

…from 43.7M in 2014 to 9.8M in 2021  (and from 23.6M just last year)

TV ratings for Emmy’s, Grammy’s and other similar awards shows also way down

2020 Census results:  Texas and Florida +3 Congressional seats; CA, ILL, NY -3

Americans aren’t buying what the left is selling

  • Tuning out the pop culture
  • Moving away from the govt-control of blue states, to the relative freedom of red states

Could it be that a silver lining from a year of lockdowns

Was a nation-wide reflection and reawakening to what’s important in America?


Kamala Harris’ Latest Border Fiction


Biden assigned Harris responsibility for the border…aide says ‘she’s not doing that

Harris assessing ‘root causes’ of overrun border…but her assessment is standard leftist blather:  migrants coming to the USA because—

  • Climate change?
  • LGBTQ persecution in other countries?
  • Racism factors?

REALITY:  The radical left has always wanted open borders

  • To overwhelm education and healthcare systems…to bankrupt the country (Cloward/Piven)
  • To grant citizenship to migrants believed to be certain to vote for big govt/benefits/Dems
  • To make the USA less sovereign, and more ‘global’—i.e., to dilute citizenship

The border is being overrun because that is what the Biden administration WANTS