Why It Matters – The April 29th Show

Coronavirus Protest Arrests


Laredo, Texas: Police ‘sting’ operation ‘infiltrates’ nails & eyelashes home salon operation

and makes arrests

Raleigh, NC: Police Dept tweet: “Protesting is not an essential activity

Californians flock to the beaches in defiance of Governor’s stay-at-home orders



  1. Constitutional rights do not disappear in any Civil disobedience is honorable when the laws being protested are wrong.
  2. Law enforcement is losing the people’s respect, Gov’t losing consent of the governed
  3. President Trump and AG Barr MUST act to temper the would-be tyrants who do not understand #1 or #2


Congress’ Sentiment – Hon. Louis Gohmert


The House Freedom Caucus must continue speaking out

Freedom must be front and center in American recovery plans

The White House re-opening Guidelines are very specific and limiting

Do they credit enough weeks of changing facts on the ground, and conflicting medical opinions about how to respond to this virus ?

Get a second opinion” is timeless wisdom for anyone facing a dangerous health diagnosis

Why hasn’t it been followed by President Trump for the national diagnosis?

Multiple, highly credentialed medical experts say: END THE SHUTDOWN


Harvard Attacks Homeschooling


Surge of home-schooling during school closures scares the Harvard elites?

‘Children won’t be exposed to a divergence of views’

Really? As if Harvard represents or teaches a ‘divergence of views’?

Harvard’s antagonism toward home schooling is transparent and absurd

  • A window on leftists’ commitment to use our schools as instruments of leftist indoctrination
  • There is little genuine divergence of views taught in most public schools, and too commonly what is taught is anti-Christian, anti-American, leftist ideology


Maybe a pandemic silver lining:

Awakening to the indoctrination purposes of the left