Why It Matters – The April 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The April 2nd Show

Easter @ White House: Ban Religious Symbols & Celebrate Trans


1) Presidential Proclamation of Transgender Visibility Day on March 31, and

2) White House PR emphasizing no religious imagery on Easter eggs..

  • Were deliberately timed to mock Christianity and Easter in America
  • Left is trying to deflect the backlash by positioning both as consistent with past practice

ØNobody is buying the leftist spin, b/c, among other reasons, the Biden cabal has been anti-Christian from the beginning of WH staffing choices

Legacy media trying to dismiss Biden admin’s Easter mockery as inconsequential

Legacy media is dead wrong…this was a public slap in the face to American Christians

They won’t forget it


Lawless America:  Storming Border Fences PLUS Squatting IS Stealing 


  • El Paso Dem judge released migrant gang that stormed border/US law enforcement
  • Leftist states and cities are accommodating ‘squatters’ rights’ claims to private homes

These abuses are over the top…pure lawlessness that is beyond sane rationalization

ØFLA Gov. DeSantis deserves credit for stepping up to protect Floridians’ property

Historical line of attack by Communists v. America has always focused on:

Destroy faith, family and private property

Easter mockery, transgenderism and squatters rights are targeted weapons in this attack

Do enough Americans see it clearly enough to stop it?


SCOTUS: AZ Election Machines Case – AZ FAILS to File Answer


Keep an eye on Kari Lake’s pending appeal to SCOTUS – relevant to 2020 and 2022 elections

SCOTUS now has hard evidence in front of it:

  • Voting machines required to use certified software; they demonstrably did not
  • Voting machines required to be subjected to logic/testing before use…tests faked
  • Encryption keys embedded in publicly accessible software; utterly unsecure/hackable


  • AZ officials did NOT file opposition to the SCOTUS appeal…very, very unusual

ØDid new evidence submitted on appeal catch them without an explanation?

This appeal puts unopposed, overwhelming evidence of election fraud in 2020 and 2022

right in front of SCOTUS…

with sufficient moral courage and integrity

they will have to hear the case


Young Black Voters for Trump?!


Dem voter registration drives running into problems…James Carville is worried

  • Traditional sources of new Dem voters—e.g., young blacks—intend to vote for Trump

None of this should be surprising to the Republican Party—

  • America’s founding ideals…
  • When rightly and consistently articulated…



Rampant leftist lawlessness…appeals to no one

Trump is headed toward a too-big-to-rig landslide

Deep State opposition and desperation is dangerous