Why It Matters – The April 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The April 2nd Show

Collectivism and Millions Unemployed


President Trump went ‘big’ with good intentions…BUT

  • Millions of unemployed….this is the recipe for more power in DC, more redistribution,

more collectivism

  • $2T is an unfathomable amount of money; Dems will treat it as the new baseline of government spending rather than a one-time emergency expenditure
  • The pandemic of fear is tilting everything away from Trump’s MAGA agenda

Americans are questioning: Have Trump and America been played by powerful leftists?

This question will be shouted down by the MSM/Left

But it will not go away until clearer answers are established


Police State OR Wise Government


Govt officials are being cut incredible slack for unprecedented actions to contain/control a supposedly one-of-a-kind pandemic event….HOWEVER

The Lancet’s mortality estimate: <0.7%…not minor, but not horrible; NOT unprecedented

Serbia, Hungary cracking down harshly v. >65 year olds; v. dissenting views

After it’s past…what precedent has been set?

Coercive actions to combat far more lethal diseases like cancer, diabetes?

New police state urgency to vaccination procedures and ‘proof cards’?

Trish Regan…acceptable censorship broadened?




China’s Blame Game


The CCP is cranking up the propaganda machine to level 11

“America is to blame; China is innocent,” says China

WHO appears to be a completely bought-and-paid-for voice of the CCP

The CCP appears to have unwavering belief in the power of lies

This will ultimately be their undoing

But they are a rising danger as the weight of world opinion turns on them

Pompeo has the G7 united against CCP

UK’s PM Boris Johnson is particularly livid

The problem for the world is NOT the Chinese people

It is the CCP – the Chinese Communist Party


FBI & Deep State in Time of Corona


CIA/FBI/DOJ abuses in Russia Collusion hoax off the front pages due to COVID-19

But new IG report this week is devastating, again, to the reputation of all of them

FISA abuse of spying powers the rule, not the exception

Barr/Durham still pending, and still very serious

The abuses of power by the 8-year leftist Obama administration are legion

The damage to the American system of govt and justice has been enormous

The ‘fundamental transformation’ far more extensive than at first believed

The muscular, overbearing police state-oriented reaction to the pandemic feels like a continuation of a fundamental transformation, with Trump having been played to go along