Why It Matters – The April 30th Show

Why It Matters – The April 30th Show

Ending Trans Bathroom Battles


Biden cabal radical rewrite of Title IX puts ‘trans v. women’ front and center

  • Men in women’s bathrooms + men in women’s sports now posited as ‘law of the land’

There is ZERO evidence that Title IX rewrite is desired or supported by the American people

  • Not desired or supported by a majority; not desired or supported by even a sizable minority
  • This is the pure agenda of ‘takedown America’/‘destroy the family’/‘destroy Christianity’

Red states, led by Texas AG Ken Paxton, are stirring with legal and other resistance

  • If red states can establish independence from need of federal education funding, coercive power of fed govt evaporates

There is nothing inevitable or ‘progressive’ about leftist gender ideology

It is regressive and destructive to the health of humanity

It must be resisted and defeated


Trump Trials Update: SCOTUS & the Smear Job


Transparent injustice of political lawfare v. Trump becoming obvious to all sentient people

SCOTUS arguments on scope of presidential immunity suggest Justices recognize the magnitude of the issue and are NOT swayed by TDS

ØThe Office of the Presidency must not be neutered…no one will benefit from such a result

ØCriminalizing political opposition—from any partisan direction—is always destructive and poisonous to democracy

SCOTUS has the opportunity to bolster Constitutional governance for generations

long past Trump’s moment in time…

with strong support of presidential immunity

Let’s hope they do it


Does Ignoring an Enemy Invasion Equal “Aid and Comfort”?


Relentlessness of Biden cabal’s insistence on open borders is raising questions

  • Why are so many military-aged Chinese men (w/o spouses or children) crossing the border?
  • Is there a connection between invasion at the border…and CCP payoffs to Biden family?


  • Is China under the CCP an enemy of the USA?

‘Treason’ is the only crime specified in the US Constitution

ØSpecifically defined to include giving ‘aid and comfort’ to an enemy


Sam Faddis has pointed out:  No evidence the Biden cabal is even trying to find out why military-aged Chinese men are coming into the US by the thousands…

…The American people are right to ask why


Climate Emergency Coming Your Way?


Buzz at WH increasing around possible ‘declaration’ of climate emergency

  • Provides foundation for sweeping grab of dictatorial ‘emergency’ powers
  • Controls over fuel usage? Food consumption? Travel?  Conduct of 2024 election?

America has a rabid leftist cabal running the federal government

For an American government—whose constitutional purpose is to protect Americans’ God-given freedoms–to even entertain such a bogus, unfounded and preposterous ‘Declaration’ ought to wake up any remaining asleep Americans:  the left is engaged in all-out war on America as founded

The stakes of the 2024 Election could not be higher

Get engaged on the side of saving America!