Why It Matters – The April 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The April 3rd Show

American Banana Republic:

Trump Indicted & Meme-Maker Convicted


Meme-maker—political humorist—convicted in NY of ‘working against the government’

  • Facing prison for exercising First Amendment-guaranteed freedom of speech
  • Meme mocked HRC/supporters; 100’s of memes mocking Trump/supporters–NO prosecution
  • SPLC intimidated witness—expert withdrew from testifying for the defendant

Trump to be arraigned tomorrow – raw political persecution OBVIOUS to everyone

  • 7 year old ‘campaign finance’ incident previously dismissed by FEC
  • Ratcliffe points out grand jury leaks are themselves felonies…committed by Alvin Bragg??

The American people don’t want any of this; the rule of law is being turned upside down

Not possible to overstate the outrage of what the ‘judicial system’ has become

America cannot survive this if it is not radically reversed


Communist Banking Digital Control Almost Here


Economic decline and banking collapse setting up global conversion to CBDC

  • Economic decline engineered by leftist energy policy shutting down fossil fuel industry
  • Banking collapse engineered by fastest/largest Fed rate hikes in history

This is why CBDC is called out as an engineered tool for totalitarianism/communism

FedNow’ is just the interbank precursor to full CBDC for individuals

Includes capacity to ‘blacklist’ banks for not following govt agenda

ØSen. Ted Cruz has introduced federal legislation to block CBDC

ØGov. Ron DeSantis is backing FLA state legislation to block CBDC

When govt has control of your money, govt has control of your freedom

American citizens become no different than a child on a govt allowance

Americans MUST rise, Stand firmly and continually

against CBDC


Law Schools KILLING Rule of Law


Law schools should train lawyers as guardians of America’s constitutional system

  • But too many are going woke…and now train lawyers in anti-American leftist dogma

Stanford Law School has students who shouted down a federal judge

for not embracing preferred pronouns

…and a Stanford DEI official supported the students and berated the judge

Yale Law School teaches pro-abortion litigation strategies; NOTHING about pro-life

…effectively disregarding the Dobbs decision

This is the overturning of the Judeo-Christian legal foundation of America

Replacing it with secular humanism, untethered from the Constitution,  American traditions,

& the rule of law

Helpful trend?:  Some federal judges refuse to hire law clerks from woke law schools