Why It Matters – The April 4th Show

Why It Matters – The April 4th Show

FF: Who Runs America?


  • Biden obviously senile; not mentally fit for any office…much less the Presidency
  • CCP’s balloon performed sensitive surveillance on US military assets…and was permitted to do so
  • Proxy war against Russia undeclared but in full sway in Ukraine…while southern border wide open
  • Destruction of fossil fuel industry driving inflation/economic collapse…w/o consent of the governed
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham has no clue of the contents of the RESTRICT ACT…that he sponsors
  • Deep State completely rogue and unhinged in pursuit of “Get Trump”… w/o regard to rule of law

Americans’ deep angst about the future of the country is fully justified

Exactly who is making governing decisions in 2023 in the United States of America?

No transparency in govt = No trust in govt; no respect for govt

no govt can continue if zero trust in honesty and decency

Americans can and must rise to restore their country under God


Shall We Begin the Indictment Wars?


Conservative commentators calling for GOP DA’s to turn tables on Dems

  • Start state prosecutions of Obama, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, HRC, Nancy Pelosi, et.al.

Stand up and fight!” sentiment is warranted…

but where would this lead?  The left will never stop

The USA cannot survive a descent into the criminalization of politics…

…but also cannot survive a ruling class devoid of honesty, decency, morality

The American people are not the problem; the American ruling class is the problem

Q for the ages:  Can the American people rise and restore their country?

The founders turned to Divine Providence…so must Americans today


Yes, Bragg IS a SOROS DA


MSM forever trying to deny Soros’ influence on the leftist/Marxist takeover of the USA

…i.e., ‘Soros hasn’t personally met with Alvin Bragg’

This is sophistry, and is answered by ‘follow the money

Soros operates through dozens of corporate ‘cut-outs’…such as “Color of Change”

  • Color of Change endorses Bragg and commits $1M
  • Six days later: Soros directs $1M to Color of Change…and Bragg thanks him for it

ØSoros has openly acknowledged his desire to take down America

America is the obstacle to Soros’ ideal of a religion-free, govt-controlled ‘open society’

ØThe left has always embraced ‘the end justifies the means

THAT’S WHY Bragg does what he does…he doesn’t care if it violates laws, norms and decency

America’s ideals have blessed the world…and Soros seeks to destroy America

What else does anyone need to know about George soros?


Lindsey Graham Clueless About RESTRICT Bill  He Co-Sponsors


Jesse Watters exposed the surveillance abuse enabled by the RESTRICT ACT

  • Called on Graham to react during live interview
  • Graham opposed to the bill’s abuse…but Watters shows it to be sponsored by Graham
  • Graham exposed as an oblivious (?) tool of the Deep State authors of the RESTRICT ACT

Watters/Graham vividly re-raises the questions so disturbing to engaged Americans:

  • Who in the world is running the US government? AND
  • How in the world did the government end up so far away from the Founders’ intent/design?

Americans across the political spectrum must regain their honesty and decency

NO honest and decent American approves of what this ‘govt’ is doing to this country

Can the American people will America back to existence?

Time seems to be running out…though the awakening continues

Pray for America