Why It Matters – The April 5th Show

Why It Matters – The April 5th Show

Trump Roars Back


Scan the American condition in April 2023…

  • Southern border gone
  • Military emasculated
  • Energy independence scuttled; price rise in energy driving inflation everywhere
  • Economy tanking, banks closing
  • Dollar is collapsing
  • Chinese spy balloon maps/surveils US ICBM installations…with Biden’s permission????
  • Unlimited spending to defend Ukraine borders, none for US border
  • Violent crime rising in cities
  • Fentanyl killing young people at annual rates exceeding VietNam war casualties

Yet the top priority of the Biden/MSM/leftist cabal is to destroy Trump thru political prosecutions

There is No excuse for any American who does NOT see this Marxist takeover for what it is

Trump alone is standing in the gap

Are enough Americans ready, willing and able to join him?


STOPPING the Omnibus Spending Frenzy


Texas AG Ken Paxton has filed suit against implementing Omnibus Spending Bill

  • Suit is on rock solid legal ground in noting Constitutional quorum requirements NOT met

at the time the bill was passed

  • Judges typically reluctant to rule in ways that interrupt spending bills already passed into law
  • But legal grounds for nullifying unconstitutional passage of this bill are very strong

Paxton may seek partial halt of still unspent funds affecting immigration and abortion

US courts are regularly presented with opportunities to reign in Dem lawlessness

Paxton’s lawsuit takes dead aim at Pelosi’s unconstitutional proxy voting procedures

Will any judge have the guts to enforce the Constitution?


Where’s the Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto?


Leaks re the Nashville shooting indicate mass murder was planned for months

  • Anti-Christian worldview obviously likely to be the focus of shooter’s ‘manifesto’

But law enforcement/FBI withholding public release of shooter’s manifesto

  • Why do LEO’s get to decide what the American public is allowed to see re criminals?
  • This is worse than “…the American people can’t handle the truth so we won’t tell them”
  • This is: the Biden/leftist cabal is invested in destroying Christianity, and this manifesto may expose why those who seek to destroy Christianity are so dark and ugly and repulsive

…”and we can’t let the American people know this b/c they will resist our agenda”

Lack of transparency in law enforcement and in the judiciary is fatal to law and order

The DOJ/FBI MUST be cleaned out, restarted and peopled with American patriots