Why It Matters – The April 5th Show

Why It Matters – The April 5th Show

What It’ll Take to Save America


Different generational views can’t obscure truth:

            Freedom in America—America under the Constitution—is dangerously at risk

50+ years to get America to the precipice of socialism; America will not be saved overnight

Freedom and truth will prevail…but at what cost and over what time?

Essential for saving America:  Courage, Focus, Tenacity

  • Courage: Dem/Media Mob has mastered mockery of traditional American conservatism/patriotism

…speak up anyway, and don’t back down

  • Focus: Patriots must find their niche of subject matter and locale – and act
  • Tenacity: Boycott Delta, Coke and MLB not for a week but for as long as it takes

Past American heroes didn’t know how things would turn out

                    they just did the right thing because they knew it was the right thing


Charles Barkley for President


Charles Barkley—

  • Always had street savvy, and a no BS style of communicating
  • Achieved pop culture icon status for his analyst work
  • Riff on Democrats AND Republicans deliberately fostering racial suspicion and division as an aid to acquiring and maintaining power is SPOT ON
  • Acknowledgement that most white people and most black people are ‘great people’ is both obvious and a stunning breath of fresh air within left-wing sports journalism

Charles Barkley spoke truth about America, and Americans love it

Compare to AOC – vacuous video/twitter messages deliberately distort and disguise truth

                        Will anyone speak truth about the tragic George Floyd case?

           Apart from white officer and black victim…and legit q’s re police methods                                          ….what exactly is the evidence of racism in what took place?


What It’ll Take:  Polish Canadian Pastor


Weekend stories of police shutting down Easter services in UK and Europe over covid

            Yet video of Polish pastor in Calgary goes viral:  kicking police out of his church

Read Thomas St. James:  “The Common Sense of Natural Human Rights”

Thomas Paine for 2021…

  • When did Americans agree that govt can shut down religious services?
  • When did Americans agree that govt has the right to define non-essential businesses…and shut them down?
  • The covid ‘emergency’ ended long ago…govt emergency powers should end, too

     American men and women are to be free, responsible, self-governing adults –

            AMERICANS MUST INSIST ON THEIR RIGHTS…or they will be lost


Fight Like Ron!


The radical, totalitarian left will always reveal who and what they fear most:

…emerging American leaders who understand and defend freedom

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis now stands just below Donald Trump among American leaders most feared by the radical left…

…which is why hit pieces on DeSantis are proliferating

60 Minutes blatantly set up a false accusation of ‘pay-to-play’ against DeSantis re vaccine distribution…using transparent editing…their tactics are exposed as never before

DeSantis is now the standard-bearer for an American Patriot leader

Expect the leftist attacks to become more shrill and frequent