Why It Matters – The April 7th Show

Why It Matters – The April 7th Show

Triple Blunder:  Baseball, Biden & Media


MLB is looking ridiculous

Moving All-Star game away from Atlanta, hurting the black business community

New location in Denver….<10% black; photo ID required to buy a beer at the game; voter ID required in election laws

Biden is looking ridiculous

Psaki says Biden didn’t ‘dictate’ MLB decision…watch the tape…a very heavy-handed message

Media looks most ridiculous of all

Constant labeling as ‘GA voter suppression legislation’ is flat out dishonest and deceitful

Yet corporate ‘woke-ists’ know nothing but what the NYT says, or what the relentless left-wing mob says, and just pile on…willfully ignorant or dishonest

All of this is simply ‘ruling class America’ determined to shut down unrest over election fraud

    May be having the opposite of the intended effect…

Americans see through the lies


Infrastructure Bill: 

Marxist Trojan Horse to End Home Ownership


Senate parliamentarian rules Dems can use reconciliation to pass infrastructure bill

Avoids filibuster threat

Bill is equipped to impose the Marxist vision of housing for America, while we sleep …

  • Single family home neighborhoods in America are too nice and comfortable – therefore are the enemy of the Left—
  • Marxism/socialism requires that no one should have the right to work hard, earn money, and move to nicer home…all should be equal; link between work/reward must be severed
  • Egalitarian, high-density urban housing is the ideal for the masses…accomplished by subsidizing the end of single-family zoning…ending American suburbs

Marxism:  easier to control the masses if they are housed like masses

This is ‘fundamental transformation’ that will hit millennials hard…

will they wake up in time?