Why It Matters – The April 7th Show

Virus, Pearl Harbor, Passover, Easter


US Surgeon General says this week will be like Pearl Harbor/9-11…

…then it is time for deeper perspective

  • America had just as much fear on December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001…but surrender of our way of life was not an option then…it must not be an option now
  • There IS good news, though the MSM won’t publish it

Solid results from hydroxychloroquine (Michigan state rep from Detroit)

Hospitalizations, ICU needs, deaths—not anywhere near model projections

Spring weather having an ameliorating effect

  • America’s Judeo-Christian foundation is alive in this Holy Week

Passover and Easter affirm life, protection, freedom from bondage

Easter doesn’t need crowds to affirm its enduring importance


Virus Killing America’s Small Businesses


Letter from a small business owner to Texas Governor Abbott nails it for the entire country

  1. Classic small business—production of comic books for a niche market
  2. 110 employees—productive and loyal but probably all living paycheck-to-paycheck
  3. Production efforts easily socially ‘distance-able’; no employees sick
  4. But govt. says ‘non-essential’; therefore…
  5. No money coming in from sales of comic books, means no money going out in wages
  6. All employees furloughed
  7. Furloughed employees can’t pay bills…rent, groceries, car payment, insurance, etc.

President Trump must get an advisory panel with more than medical ‘experts’

Medical, business, legal, cultural—all must have input

The lockdowns MUST be lifted