Why It Matters – The April 8th Show

Coronavirus: America Manipulated


CBS airs the “crying nurse” – a false portrayal by a mentally disturbed individual…

…but one that stokes fear and panic

Ezekiel Emanuel, architect of Obamacare and advocate for socialized medicine in USA:

In public interview, says shutdown should extend for “12 to 18 months”

This is a man with an anti-American agenda Period. Full Stop.

USA Today goes with headline proclaiming 10,000 deaths ‘more battlefield fatalities than six wars combined’

This is shameless cherry-picking of ‘war’ data for hysteria-mongering

America’s enemies are loving all of this

That should signal the need to change course


Coronavirus: Numbers Expose Mission


Bill Bennett cites hard data: A 98% recovery rate for COVID-19 patients

Dispatches from US hospitals –

59 are furloughing employees because bans on elective surgeries leave them empty

…which means they are not occupied by COVID-19 patients

COVID-19 deaths as of yesterday <13,000 (with acknowledged over-reporting)

CDC-estimated ‘regular flu’ deaths THIS YEAR – 24,000 to 63,000

Is a common sense question still allowed?

Why is the nationwide shutdown necessary?


Coronavirus: Vaccine ‘Prescription’ Explained


Fauci, Birx and Bill Gates are involved professionally and financially in the mantra of ‘vaccines are the only solution’…maybe they are right; maybe they are wrong

Shouldn’t Americans be aware of these interests?

A bias toward vaccines—

Leads to social distancing rather than exposure/build immunity

Leads to wait-it-out-as-vaccines-developed rather than vertical, ‘siloed’ treatment

Necessarily discounts and disputes other remedies – e.g., hydroxychloroquine

Not every medical expert…not even close to every medical expert…shares the bias in favor of vaccines…Dr. Shiva is all over the internet, protesting Fauci and Birx and Gates

President Trump and all of America deserve a second opinion