Why It Matters – The April 9th Show

Why It Matters – The April 9th Show

J6 Tyranny Rolls On


71 year old ‘Praying Grandma’ ‘convicted’ of J6 ‘crimes’

  • 10 minutes inside the Capitol; no violence; no property damage; just prayer for America
  • Now facing $200K fine and jail sentence of a year for concocted ‘offenses’

‘Unconscionable’ does not begin to describe the abomination of ‘justice’ this represents

America and Americans must find their individual and collective soul and conscience

J6 IS a stain on America’s history, but for its denial and defiance of truth and abuse of justice


How we Got Here: J6 Tyranny &  “Death to America” in Michigan


News items:

  • Praying Grandma convicted of j6 crimes
  • American’ protesters in Dearborn Michigan shout ‘Death to America’

How could America have fallen so far so fast?

The answers (in part):

  • Refusal to speak the truth about the overwhelming evidence of a stolen election

…a/k/a – cowardice

  • Obama legitimized Jeremiah Wright/”God Damn America!” and other hatred of America

…and not enough leaders with courage spoke up in righteous indignation and opposition

K Rove has zeroed out in credibility…calling J6 protesters (praying Grandma?) SOB’s

  • Either has no clue of the overwhelming evidence now known about 2020, OR

He knows of the evidence, but hates Trump more than he values honesty/truth


Pence’s Failed Anti-Populism vs Trump’s Pro-America Success


Pence denouncing Trump ‘populism’ in favor of Pence ‘conservatism’ is embarrassing

(for Pence)

Populism in 2024 is NOT the opposite of conservatism; it is the embodiment of it

American patriots want the country back from the leftist cabal that stole the 2020 election

Pence either unable or unwilling to face the massive evidence of stolen 2020 election

  • ‘Everything would be fine were it not for Trump’ is pure Trump Derangement Syndrome

Pay attention to the Kari Lake appeal now before SCOTUS

  • Patrick Byrne believes the truth of the stolen election evidence will force SCOTUS to act
  • Or will cowardice (or something worse) paralyze SCOTUS?


Ranked Choice Voting: Just Say No


Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) discussions are all the rage in the legislative world

RCV debates get lost in the trees and miss the forest

Alaska voters recently cast ≈60% of their votes for two “R” candidates, ≈40% for the D

  • Under an RCV voting system used in Alaska, the “D” won this election
  • A ‘D’ win in these circumstances does NOT reflect the will or preference of voters

RCV muddles rather than clarifies election choices…America doesn’t need more muddling

RCV should be rejected, especially when differences between D and R are so sharp/radical