Why It Matters – The August 10th Show

Why It Matters – The August 10th Show

Trump as Sage Elder Statesman


7+ years of legacy media propaganda still mesmerize some readers/viewers

Legacy media readers/viewers taught to see Trump as monstrous villain

Taught so as to actually cringe at Trump appearance and voice


  • Trump’s statements on Mar-A-Lago raid and aftermath deserve to be read
  • Trump’s video on America in Decline deserve to be watched

These are words of an American statesman; the concerns expressed are spot on, right and true

America IS in decline, and the radical left, supported by the CCP, are causing it

America may be running out of time to reverse course

  • Election rigging is proceeding right now…latest episode in Cherokee County w/thumb drives

Mar-A-Lago raid awakened many Democrats…

Anyone who loves America should be awake and engaged

STOP the destruction of America


FBI & DOJ Ongoing Assault: Rep Scott Perry


ONE DAY after Congressman Scott Perry called for impeachment of AG Merrick Garland…

  • FBI uses GPS tracking to find Perry on vacation with family
  • Confiscates Perry’s phone

Even the most rabid Trump hater ought to be concerned about the FBI’s action against Perry

  • The FBI is behaving like the strong-armed secret police of a totalitarian country that banishes

political opposition and recognizes no law and no truth…only power

  • Utterly untethered to American traditions (and LAWS) of due process, fairness and justice

This is NOT an exaggeration, and it is NOT even remotely amusing…IT IS EGREGIOUS

Every American who loves this country should be outraged and engaged to stop it