Why It Matters – The August 10th Show

Why It Matters – The August 10th Show

Oregon GOV “POC can’t read”


  • Liberal Oregon Governor eliminates proficiency standards for reading, writing and math for high school graduates…because it will help minorities
  • This is quintessential, vile racism: the official assignment of lesser mental capacity to human beings because of the color of their skin or their ethnic background
  • This is a version of CRT; a repudiation of MLK and content of character; it is anti-American

Morally indefensible, disgusting, the ‘soft bigotry of low expectations’ codified

Yet another reason Americans must reject CRT and LEFTIST worldview


WH Covid “Influencer”


TikTok ‘influencer’ invited to ‘intern’ at Biden White House to help ‘sell’ vaccination

Takes initiative with Jen Psaki; releases his creative video of affected transgender male tripping around the White House

Watch the video…

What must the Biden administration think of the American people if this video passes for what they believe is persuasive…on the subject of mandatory vaccination????

Vaccination arguments – pro and con – are serious issues; deeply personal; and both sides want to claim them as matters of life and death…this is an intelligent approach?

                   The Biden administration is out of touch with the American people

But Biden got 81 million votes????


Cuomo Abuses Seniors; Resigns Over Harassment


  • NY AG’s investigative report credible as to multiple instances of unwanted sexual advances by Andrew Cuomo leads to his resignation today as NY Governor (effective 8/24)
  • Virtually all major Dem. NY officeholders denounced Cuomo; he had no visible support
  • Yet no action taken or official criminal investigation ever initiated with respect to Cuomo’s willful deceit regarding covid-related deaths among NY seniors in nursing homes, nor over his decisions that placed vulnerable seniors in life-threatening situations
  • Creepy behavior toward women should be denounced; cavalier and cruel (at best) criminal (at worst) abuse of NY seniors just as denounceable…and justified removal

‘Cuomo for President’ was touted by the media less than a year ago

Tumultuous times in America continue


DeepDive: Who Runs America?


Conservative Treehouse’s deep dive into the intelligence agencies as the now-controlling ‘Fourth Branch of Government’ deserves serious attention by all thinking Americans

  • Russia collusion hoax
  • Fabricated impeachments
  • Pandemic hype; mandatory vaccination hysteria
  • January 6th ‘insurrection’ that is turning into ‘unlawful parading’???

…all have the fingerprints of IA work…why?  To whom are they answerable?

How can ‘we the people’ ever restore them to being under the control of the governed?