Why It Matters – The August 11th Show

Why It Matters – The August 11th Show

Infrastructure Surrender Squad  


  • Nineteen GOP Senators voted for the ‘infrastructure’ bill

Maybe 25% of the bill is about traditional infrastructure

The rest is left-wing agenda Nanny State AND Big Govt Takes Controls of America State

“Gender identity” becomes a protected classification…in an infrastructure bill???

  • These GOP Senators are completely out of touch with the American people, completely enveloped by the Beltway Uni-party mindset…NOT ONE GOP SENATOR SHOULD HAVE VOTED FOR THIS

They are JOINING in an all-out radical leftist assault on America, spending the nation into oblivion…and they seem to believe the only people who notice all of this are an inconsequential minority of voters…or voters who will forget by the time of the next election

The American People are the sleeping giant Japan feared in WWII

The Uni-party is poking the giant…


January 6 Justice


  • “Brady” rule requires prosecutors to hand over potentially exculpatory evidence to defendants
  • DOJ has publicly filed acknowledgement of exculpatory evidence re January 6th defendants

Video showing ‘rioters’ fist-bumping, hugging and posing for photos with police

  • DC Court of Appeals has twice overruled lower courts’ determination of the ‘dangerousness’ of defendants…many of whom are being held without bail, in solitary confinement, yet have been accused of no violence on Jan. 6th, and have no criminal record
  • Passage of time, facts becoming public, and irrationally harsh conduct by prosecutors, are putting the lie to the entire ‘insurrection’ narrative. Prosecutors have not publicly produced evidence to justify a straight-faced argument of violent “insurrection” against any

Is there still an American conscience

in the administration of justice?


September 18 ACWT SUMMIT – Join Us!


Dr. Douglas Frank – featured panelist at Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, and whose discovery of algorithms used in manipulating 2020 election is nearly undeniable proof of a rigged election—    is a committed speaker on election fraud, joined by Seth Keshel, whose mathematical extrapolations of voter registration shifts is equally overwhelming evidence of election fraud.

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier – first Commander of US Space Force,  but demoted after he authored a book on the infiltration of Marxism in the US military, has joined our conference speaker lineup !

Election fraud, perpetual pandemic, border security, China, Wokeism, Western civilization

All will be addressed in a fast-paced, super-informative, day-long conference

Join us in Dallas, September 18, 2021 – More details at