Why It Matters – The August 12th Show

Why It Matters – The August 12th Show

New/Old Welfare/Immigration Rules

        President Trump is doubling down on common sense immigration policy

        Immigration policy historically grounded in a basic MERIT-based proposition:

Ø Immigrants are welcome when they want to become Americans (= assimilate) and aim to be self-sufficient, to contribute to our country

Ø Leftist mindset has tried to morph immigration into the idea that poverty is a reason to accept immigrants, so they encourage the poorest to emigrate, almost as a matter of entitlement

Trump gets all of this at an instinctive level—and Americans agree with him


Epstein’s Death (?) – What Justice Requires

        The ongoing lack of accountability for Mueller and the coup plotters has all but destroyed Americans’ trust in the DOJ and FBI

        Epstein’s apparent death while in DOJ/Bureau of Prisons custody has further harmed Americans’ trust level in their own government

        Epstein’s death is drawing suspicion from both sides and EVERYONE deserves a full accounting of what happened, how, and why

AG Barr had better act soon, act transparently, and act decisively


Bernie, Biden & Beto – Baffled or Bluffing?

        Bernie has gone full communist, and his fellow Dems should point this out

        Biden doesn’t know when he was VP

        Beto essentially calls 63 million Trump voters racist

Democrats are completely detached from America

They are desperate and delusional and their ONLY reaction is to promise MORE freebies and make more racist accusations

NO GROWN-UPS on Stage in the Democrat Presidential candidate line-up


‘Cruise through the News’ Items

        Hollywood cancels “The Hunt” – Should have never considered making the film

        Ed Butowsky’s lawsuit MOVING forward.

        Democrat Socialist conference – the snowflake future of Americans?

        FBI says ‘conspiracy theorists’ are domestic terrorist threats–


            These are the people that want to take away your guns?????


A Somali Listener Speaks

        Voices of protest from within Islam are arising around the globe; they are courageous and need to be heard

        Truth/facts are knowable about Islam; the texts and teachings are not secrets

        Speaking truth has a rallying, helpful, transformative impact – don’t be afraid to do so