Why It Matters – The August 16th Show

Why It Matters – The August 16th Show

Mar-A-Lago Raid: What’s Next


Political signs point to indictment of Trump following J6 model of allegations…but—

  • DOJ/AG is recklessly misreading the mood and intelligence of the American people
  • Raid on Mar-A-Lago…transparently political
  • Warrant demand for every document for Trump’s entire 4-yr termtransparently political
  • DOJ refusal to release affidavit supporting the warrant…transparently political
  • Magistrate Reinhart (defense counsel to Jeffrey Epstein affiliates!)…transparently political

All of which means=> indictment of Trump…transparently political

Full unredacted disclosure of affidavit (court hearing on this on Thursday) could blow everything wide open—and even stall or prevent indictment—if too many holes, misrepresentations, omissions and other fraud by DOJ

      Indictment of Trump will not be graciously accepted by the American people


Liz Cheney’s Impending Defeat & Future


If you do not recognize or understand—

  1. Massive, nation-wide evidence of 2020 election fraud; and
  2. Ongoing left-wing agenda to take down America that arose from that stolen election

            You are not qualified to serve in any elected office in the USA

If you do understand massive 2020 election fraud and the ongoing leftwing destroy-America agenda, but really believe Donald Trump is the greatest threat facing America…

            You are not qualified to serve in any elected office in the USA

Either way, Liz Cheney is not qualified to serve in any elected office in the USA

And Wyoming’s GOP primary voters are going to deliver that message today


Pfizer Vax: Ineffective AND Killing Babies


Fully vaccinated/boosted Pfizer CEO diagnosed with covid

Fully vaccinated/boosted Secretary of Defense Austin diagnosed with covid for 2nd time

  • OBVIOUSLY…the covid injections are NOT ‘vaccines’
  • OBVIOUSLY…the covid injections are NOT effective

Dr. Naomi Wolf & Steve Kirsch—high-visibility liberal Democrats—now sounding the alarm:

  • Pfizer’s clinical trial data (data which Pfizer wanted to keep from the public for 75 years) obviously show that covid injections are not safe as compared to historical standards of safety

Clinical trial data on menstrual interference and miscarriages/stillbirths are very alarming

  • Yet Biden admin, CDC, FDA keep pushing the vaccines…what in the world are they doing?

The vaccine backlash is growing…a reckoning may be coming

Trust in public health institutions will take decades to rebuild