Why It Matters – The August 17th Show

Why It Matters – The August 17th Show

Larry Elder & CA Governor Race


  • CA Gov. Gavin Newsom is panicked…blaming white supremacy for the recall—

when Larry Elder is leading the alternative candidates—falls flat

  • Dems now deploying the standard leftist gambit of ‘lawfare’:
    • Use the courts when you fear the will of the people
    • Lawsuit filed to have recall process declared unconstitutional – allegedly violates one person, one vote…but the recall process is long-established and has been used…

difficult to overturn, but leftist pressure on judge will be enormous

Larger reality of CA – Not as pure ‘blue’ as portrayed; socially liberal but broader concerns:

  • Rising crime; overrun border; rising homelessness, rising gas prices, unreliable grid, heavy-handed covid restrictions ‘for thee, but not for me’

      Californians appear to have had enough of Gavin Newsom, and for good reasons


Afghan Fall = China WIN


The ramifications of Biden’s Afghan catastrophe are snowballing, and they are disastrous

  • China openly mocking US forces; warning Taiwan that US defense promises are worthless
  • Two embassies still open in Kabul: China and Russia
  • 5,000 to 10,000 Americans unable to reach airport; status unknown
  • Million$ of US military equipment left behind
  • Pelosi statement offers complete idiocy – Taliban better make sure women represented in govt
  • Afghan refugees already being flown to US; historically the least ‘assimilative’ of all groups
  • Anecdotes of savagery and brutality by Taliban against those who aided US are proliferating
  • Chiefs Chair Milley and SecDef Austin nowhere to be seen

The nagging, deeply disturbing question:  is this really a Biden mistake

Biden is unquestionably compromised by China