Why It Matters – The August 17th Show

Why It Matters – The August 17th Show

WHY Trump Derangement Syndrome?


  • Why the constant anti-Trump hysteria?
  • Why the resort to lies and fabrication of evidence in Russia collusion hoax?
  • Why the resort to fake whistleblower in Ukraine impeachment scam?
  • Why the relentless determination to remove Trump from office instead of defeating him?
  • Why the crazed level of orchestrated riots (not even slightly organic)?

Americans are starting to recognize and wonder:

TDS is too over-the-top to be explained by conventional politics and personalities

Millie Weaver and Shadow Gate, and ret’d FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer may hold the keys….

Is Trump a threat to expose Obama admin abuse of surveillance state???

            …long before 2016 election

            …against any and all opposition (as defined by Obama admin)


Democrat Convention = Marxist Revolution


Joe Biden won his US Senate seat in 1972—

  • Against GOP incumbent opponent with 81% approval rating
  • In a state (Delaware) carried by GOP/Nixon with 65% of the vote
  • By <3,200 votes

With the explicit backing of the “Council for a Livable World” – a Russia-funded organization with the express purpose of advocating for the crippling US defense spending…a cause which Joe Biden has reliably supported ever since

Biden and Harris are radical left; support killing filibuster to pass Green New Deal

The 2020 election is not just another Presidential campaign

            It is potentially country-changing; freedom-ending

            ‘Vote Trump’ as if living in freedom depends on it—because it does


Dems go Postal Over Mail-in Ballots


Dems hysteria is AGAIN over the top

  • Claim of Trump ‘defunding’ the USPS in relation to 2020 election is ridiculous
  • Fuss over USPS security photos from 2016 is irrelevant
  • Fuss over Postmaster General trying to reduce overtime expenses is standard mgmt activity

Mail-in ballots are NOT akin to the absentee ballot process

Potential for cheating is off the charts…everyone knows this

…and that’s exactly why Dems want it

Be a sentinel against this fraud where you live

 Let them know you are watching

 do NOT allow IT


FLA Boat Parade


Clearwater, FLA achieves a ‘world record’

Over 2,000 boats in a TRUMP Parade over the weekend!


  • Believe what you see with your eyes
  • Do NOT be demoralized by MSM propaganda and Psy-Ops
  • All positive enthusiasm is on the side of pro-America Trump
  • Nothing is motivating Biden support besides ‘hate Trump’

                   Trump can win in a landslide if All patriots turn out