Why It Matters – The August 18th Show

Why It Matters – The August 18th Show

America’s Plight Captured by the Tragedy of Liz Cheney


Not a tragedy she lost her GOP primary by 37+ points; that’s a healthy correction for Wyoming

Not a tragedy that dynasties/personalities like Bush/Cheney have been routed by voters

The tragedy is that Liz Cheney is so deeply entrenched in the politics of personality + ‘rule by elites’ that her family-taught hatred of outsider Donald Trump makes her blind and deaf to the truth

There is massive, overwhelming, irrefutable, beyond-any-doubt evidence of—

  • Nationwide election rigging in 2020
  • A radical left agenda being imposed by an installed President to destroy America as founded

Trump did not create election rigging or a criminal DOJ/FBI or a corrupt ruling class; he exposed them

American voters are not Trump sycophants; they are freedom-loving patriots

They see Trump and MAGA as their only chance to preserve rule by ‘we the people’

And not by New World Order Globalist Totalitarians

Liz Cheney simply can’t see it; doesn’t get it…and she is rightfully OUT