Why It Matters – The August 18th Show

Why It Matters – The August 18th Show

Dem Convention Reality Check


Four years under President Trump

Jobs returning; pre-Covid unemployment rates at record lows

Booming economy (pre-Covid), stock market, 401Ks

Energy independence

Massively reduced federal regulation

Israel respected, US embassy moved, Israel/UAE historic peace deal

Eight years under Obama

Massively Increased regulations AND Hollowed out manufacturing… ‘jobs aren’t coming back

Gutted healthcare with socialized medicine

Weaponized IRS, FBI and DOJ against the American people

Iranian deal a sellout to the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism; Israel alienated

Paris climate accord – shackles for US; free pass for everyone else

   REALITY:  President Trump has a massive enthusiasm advantage over Biden

                              Dem Convention will not close the gap


Bernie Sanders v. John Kasich


Bernie Sanders is a militant leftist, who thinks his ideas are winning—

  • Free healthcare
  • Free schools, free college
  • Free housing

Life should be free of challenges….because government

John Kasich believes the radical left and American patriots just need a decent man like Biden to be President and unify everyone…Kasich is cringe-level clueless

Where is the common ground between those who love America

                        and those who want to destroy America?

Kasich – classic old school Republican, no idea what the left is really about

                        Americans want a fighter—for America


Michelle Obama Empathy Argument


Michelle Obama would have been more formidable than Kamala Harris as VP

Smooth-talking; BUT deceptive and misleading words- LOOK at policies NOT promises

Attacking Trump for lack of empathy?

Michelle Obama SPEAKING NICELY means nothing if Leftist policies hurt people

  • Migrant children in cages?—that was the Obama administration
  • Obama Iran deal gave $150B to “Death to America” ‘mullahcracy’ – endangering the world
  • Riots across America; innocent citizens beaten, ALL in Democrat-run cities

Dem-supported Antifa & BLM clearly Marxist & Violent … where is empathy for their victims?

Praising Biden’s decency is not an affirmation of Biden’s competency

Barack’s leaked putdown:  “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up

Dem determination to continue with Biden Despite His dementia is Cruel

       AND A statement of disdain for the American voter


2020 and Women’s Vote


Trump overcame a sizable ‘gender gap’ in 2016…will that change in 2020?

Not running against Hillary

Biden has a #MeToo creepy touchy problem

Will women accept group identity/victimhood?

The centennial of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote—a test in 2020

Do women really equate big government/socialism with compassion?

Do women see the freedom-destroying, country-changing threat of radical leftism?

Women must rise up and demand policies that work and preserve America’s founding freedom, and reject smooth-talking utopian promises

That’s why ACWT is organizing the first annual—

   American Women + American Freedom conference in Dallas Sept 26

            email to [email protected] for more information