Kevin Clinesmith deserves punishment for falsifying FISA documents...not clear that's really happening. The national suppression of covid treatments that are proving successful is inexplicable, except as evidence of a political agenda that has nothing to do with with genuine desire sick people to be well.

Why It Matters – The August 19th Show

Why It Matters – The August 19th Show

First Guilty Plea in ObamaGate


Stunning behavior by someone young, up-and-coming, and holding a plum job in fed. govt.

  • Fabricating court documents to enable continued ‘un-predicated’ spying on Trump
  • Should be disbarred
  • A complete sacrifice of honesty and integrity for the cause of ‘getting Trump’
  • The combination of arrogance and Trump hatred is hard to fathom

Clinesmith guilty plea officially ‘disappeared’ from MSM coverage in <48 hours (coverage treated it like jaywalking)

                        Many more shoes should drop; how many will?


Strangling Virus Cures – Why?


  • Bartlett/budesonide video pulled by YouTube after 4.4M views

Violates ‘community standards’; no further explanation

  • Bill Gates alleges ‘severe’ side effects from HCQ – ZERO documented medical evidence

for that allegation in properly prescribed treatments

  • Axios runs hit piece on Ft. Dietrich-tested oleander-based treatment that is showing 100% cure results

Americans rightly wonder and ask:

These cures are manifestly NOT medical quackery

The cured patients speak for themselves (Cong. Louis Gohmert)

What is the agenda here?

There SHOULD be unrest among Americans –

Public health is not supposed to be hostage to political agendas