Why It Matters – The August 19th Show

Why It Matters – The August 19th Show

The Left’s Obsession with Racism

        NYT’s admitted shift from ‘Trump/Russia Collusion’ to ‘Trump Racist’ tells you everything you need to know about the NYT – a propaganda outlet, not a journalism enterprise

        NYT’s 1619 Project – Recasting American history in terms of racism…brazenness and arrogance on steroids…proclaiming a new worldview to denigrate America

        AOC explains Trump voters as too stupid to know they are racist

        Dems at war with each other over race-quotas in leadership & campaign rhetoric

This racism obsession is unfounded; it is pathological; it needs to be passionately, relentlessly and articulately REJECTED by the American people


Mueller – YUGE Mifsud News

        The Mifsud/Papadopoulos meeting has been spun by the coup plotters as the launching point of the FBI’s investigation of Trump…based on Mifsud as a possible Russian agent

        BUT Mifsud’s newly revealed “assisted suicide avoidance” action says he’s a western intelligence asset, and his meeting was part of a CIA operation against Trump

The coup origin evidence is zeroing in on former CIA Director John Brennan

Brennan’s boss was Barack Obama

The rule of law in America is hanging in the balance; Barr/Durham need to force accountability


Ilhan Omar, Israel and BDS Truth

        Islam teaches the hatred of Jews

            Rep. Ilhan Omar is a practicing Muslim who regularly attacks Jews & Israel

        The Boycott, Divest, Sanction BDS movement she supports is plainly anti-Semitic

        The Omar/Tlaib reason for traveling to Israel was to incite more hatred. Playing victim – pretending that Israel turned them away due to ”Islamophobia” –  5 Pinocchios!

Anti-Semitism has no place in America

Orwellian word-games do not change the reality that BDS is just a modern form of ancient and ongoing anti-Semitism