Why It Matters – The August 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The August 22nd Show

American Crossroads: People vs Powerful


RNC and DNC increasingly recognized as private clubs controlling the people

  • Not grassroots political organizations reflecting the people
  • Funded by monied, global interests…

Out of touch with core American patriotism

Impervious to the needs of everyday people

Impervious to the gut-level instincts of the American people on law and order, right and wrong

McConnell, McCarthy are apprehensive that the Red Wave will take them out

  • Steve Bannon floated MTG as Speaker if GOP takes the House???!!!

Now to November Mid-Terms:  Expect extreme internal infighting in GOP


Liz Launches Losers


Liz Cheney launches PAC to defeat GOP ‘election-deniers’…like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley

The Pit on August 13-14, and the Moment of Truth Summit on August 20-21 have put evidence/proof of election fraud into the public domain on a massive, non-partisan, irrefutable scale…the voting machines must go

Taking on Cruz and Hawley as election deniers will only force them to respond…and with all the new evidence developed since Jan. 6th, they will NOT respond softly

In the wake of “The Pit” and the “Moment of Truth” Summit

Cheney is hastening a broader, more national wakeup to the reality of election rigging

that she will never be able to undo


Moment of Truth + Pit = For Fraud-DENIIERS, never enough proof


The Pit and Moment of Truth have flipped the script

  • Not about election deniers
  • It’s about election fraud deniers

Left has performed legal and word-smithing gymnastics to conclude that mountains of election fraud evidence can never constitute ‘proof’ of a changed outcome

But the mountains of evidence are becoming too large, immoveable

…and they correlate with the obvious conclusion on November 3rd, 2020:

Five swing states don’t stop counting votes at the same time, with Trump ahead, and then flip to Biden the next day…UNLESS THE FIX WAS IN

There is no such thing as a land of the free and a home of the brave

without HONEST elections…getting rid of voting machines is critical to restoring America


2024: Mike & Tim: Beguiled or Scheming?


Former VP Mike Pence and Senator Tim Scott sounding the themes of

  • Wait and see re the FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago
  • Don’t criticize the FBI…too much like defunding the police

Feels like marching orders and bullet points from the GOP wing of the UniParty

Americans’ disgust with the FBI did not start with the Mar-A-Lago raid

  • Hillary exoneration was ridiculous; hyper-partisan political justice
  • Russia collusion was fabricated by the FBI
  • Mueller report was a farce to coverup for the FBI
  • Stand down re BLM and Antifa was indefensible
  • Epstein coverup is inexcusable
  • Show arrests of Roger Stone, Peter Navarro and others way over-the-top/political

            Pence/Scott confidence in Uniparty will be put to the test in 2022…and fail