Why It Matters – The August 23rd Show

Why It Matters – The August 23rd Show

GOP coming in, Fauci OUT


Fauci’s resignation is not the ‘ordinary course’ event he is spinning

  • He would like to escape accountability for the covid debacle, but he can’t and won’t

“Excess mortality” DATA is overwhelming the federal bravado and approved ‘narrative’

Life insurance companies cannot–

  • Escape the financial consequences of unexpected payouts, or
  • Deny or hide the amounts of those payouts

Fauci/Birx inspired vaccine mandates caused death and injury on an unprecedented scale

…and the end is not in sight

Lockdown policies aggravated economic and psychological damage, esp. to children

A reckoning is coming for Dr. Fauci and the public health establishment

that followed him like lemmings…

Fauci’s resignation will not stop that reckoning


DeSantis & Rove In Cahoots?


DeSantis is an outstanding Governor of Florida

  • Stood up against covid hysteria and overreach
  • Stood up against Disney’s woke insanity

Clearly a presidential caliber office holder; clearly launching national exposure ads

BUT…danger…appears to be GOPe/Uniparty choice for keeping Trump out of WH

GOPe/Uniparty/Rove may let DeSantis ‘build the wall’ and talk up energy independence

But here’s the ‘tell’ as to who DeSantis obeys:

What will DeSantis say/do/advocate re getting rid of voting machines?

If DeSantis won’t stand aggressively to get rid of voting machines,

he is a controlled GOPe/Uniparty candidate

Deep State control of elections will continue under a President DeSantis

Trump will remain the only choice for saving America


Election News: Soros SOS, Pit + Moment of Truth


NEVER concede voting machine fraud is too hard to understand + therefore too hard to fix

The Pit and Moment of Truth Summit have exposed the voting machine fraud

  • It IS capable of being understood
  • So egregious…if voting machines are not entirely banned, nothing else matters in terms of preserving America as ‘self-governed’ by ‘we the people’

Soros’ longstanding strategy to control the 50 states’ SoS offices was precisely to control election hardware and software…Griswold in Colorado is prime Soros-funded example…and CO persecution/prosecution of Tina Peters is precisely what Soros wants to occur

2020 election records required to be preserved until 9/3/22…Soros wants them destroyed ASAP

Americans must stand up and demand preservation of 2020 election records

Cast Vote Records’ are KEY:  Citizens must file FOIA CVR Requests