Why It Matters – The August 24th Show

Why It Matters – The August 24th Show

Biden Sticks Taxpayers with Student Loan Debt


Loan forgiveness of any kind is not costless…it is not really about ‘forgiveness’

  • Somebody bears the burden of unpaid debt, and it is not the government
  • It is the American people, who suffer inflation and cultural dysfunction while Biden seeks to win the youth vote
  • Student loan forgiveness is reinforcing and encouraging trends by which young people attending college are made completely impervious to the concept of personal responsibility
  • Not even a majority of US children graduate from college
  • Many who attend college study soft ideology topics that have no path to earning money
  • YET…those who work…those who earn money without a college education effectively payoff the debts of irresponsible college students who have learned nothing of value

Nothing good will come out of Biden’s college loan forgiveness action; much bad

Doubtful a President even has the Constitutional authority to do this


No flying for you! Katie Hopkins speaks


Katie Hopkins sounded the alarm from the UK–

  • Airline flight cancellations are not all about short-staffing

Green New Deal/Climate Alarmism agenda

  • All about curtailing freedom to drive and to fly
  • Not about ‘going green’…all about enforcing a new norm of ‘going without’

‘Inflation Reduction Act’ mostly spends on…green subsidies

Americans must wake up to the radical agenda behind climate alarmism

  • Climate hysteria is ginned up on falsehoods; there is no climate crisis…Period…Full stop
  • But there is absolutely no limit on how totalitarian leftists intend to leverage this fear/alarmism to control people throughout the world

Americans must rise up and refuse to be governed by hysteria in any form