Why It Matters – The August 24th Show

Why It Matters – The August 24th Show

Biden Snoozes and Trump Storms


Biden’s DNC speech—many takes spliced together?—cleared a very low bar, BUT

TV ratings down 21% from Hillary in 2016; down 38% from Trump in 2016

These ratings do not correlate to a big Biden lead in polls; the polls are bogus

President Trump plans to speak every night of the RNC convention

The contrast of energy and focus could not be greater

Presenting a 10 category/49 point agenda and vision for a second term

Themes for RNC’s four days:  American Promises, Opportunities, Heroes, Greatness

Dems selling “Hate Trump”; Trump selling Love America

An Easy Choice


Trump Drives Goodyear Nuts


Goodyear employee ‘outs’ a photo of GY company training materials

Prohibited:  “All Lives Matter”; “Blue Lives Matter”; MAGA

Permitted:  “Black Lives Matter”; “LGBT Pride”

A reminder that the left is at work all the time, everywhere, pushing its agenda…

and corporate America is weak and craven

President Trump was right to call Goodyear out…and his willingness to fight/push back is exactly why he has a 96% approval rating among Republican voters

Goodyear’s public about-face was in the right direction, but still PC and tepid

The GY training materials were not an aberration or mistake…

…it’s how they think



Black Opportunity:  Leftists Oppose, America Funds


Star Parker’s Milwaukee billboard campaign

“Tired of Poverty?  Finish school.  Take any job.  Get married.  Save & Invest.

            Give back to your neighborhood.”         THIS IS CONTROVERSIAL?

Leftists demand billboards taken down, and Clear Channel (billboard company) capitulates

The ideas of taking personal responsibility and striving for self-sufficiency eliminate victims

…eliminate reason for Democrat Party to exist

President Trump’s Opportunity Zones have attracted $75B in private investment in downtrodden areas of the US…this could NOT happen in a ‘systemically racist’ country

Personal responsibility & individual striving = America & for all Americans

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Michelle Obama v. Kimberly Klacik


The MSM tells us Michelle Obama is a Rockstar among the American people

Kimberly Klacik is a previously unknown black American woman running for Congress in the Baltimore, Maryland area as an “R”

Klacik’s viral ad has received more than 4 times the viewership of Michelle’s DNC speech

Michelle Obama equates Marxist wealth redistribution with empathy…

…a false and evil deception…using government coercion to take from some to give to others develops no virtue whatsoever…no compassion, no generosity, no faith in the ability of people in need to improve their lot in life

  America’s founding messages still resonate:  that’s why Klacik’s ad went viral