Why It Matters – The August 25th Show

Why It Matters – The August 25th Show

RNC 2020 Rocked Day One


Refreshingly:  the RNC went on offense, positive, high energy, high hope for all Americans

  • Andrew Pollack – Guns not the problem; ‘sheeple’ are
  • Herschel Walker – a 37 year friendship with Donald Trump…puts the lie to ‘racist Trump’…plus a joint family ride on “It’s a Small World”!
  • Maximo Alvarez – a refugee from communism…sounding the warning as one who knows
  • Rebecca Friedrichs – Teachers unions are the problem; acting against the will of teachers, controlling a leftist indoctrination agenda, opposing school choice

Rebecca will be a guest speaker at my AW+AF Conference September 26th

       Contact me at [email protected] if you’d like more info


COVID – Medical and Mask Tyranny


A President Joe Biden—

  • Ok with ordering all Americans to ‘mask up’
  • Ok with shutting down the entire country again…

…if the ‘experts’ tell him to do so (but which experts?)

Compare with world-renowned Yale Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch (with Mark Levin)

  • ‘Massive disinformation campaign’ against HCQ

has caused thousands of American deaths…and is utterly unsupportable by science

Carlos Zapata of Shasta County in California gave voice to the spirit of America

            A revolution is brewing against covid tyranny…


When/ how do you believe that Power-hungry Leftists will EVER let this end?