Why It Matters – The August 26th Show

Why It Matters – The August 26th Show

RNC – Melania & Truth About America


The RNC convention is not about policy; it’s about understanding the truth of America’s goodness and greatness—and reminding all Americans of that truth

Melania is a true ‘foreigner’ who wanted to see and become an American

  • Her RNC remarks were a breath of fresh air and common decency
  • Compassion as to Covid suffering; hope and determination for resolution
  • Take a deep breath and put yourself in the other’s shoes” as to civil strife
  • These attitudes are not black or white; they are not male or female; they are not pro- or anti-cop

They are American

RNC is delivering a masterpiece of ‘bold colors’ comparison of Dem v. GOP visions for America

Americans want the GOP’s vision


Lebron, Meet Jon Ponder


Kenosha is following a pattern

  • Leftist/MSM pounce with ‘evil, racist America’ narrative after partial video
  • No waiting for an understanding of all the facts; skin color of criminal is what matters
  • Celebrities mount an anti-American twitter storm; Lebron leads the way
  • Go straight to arson and destruction of innocent people and property in retaliation

The Jon Ponder story stands in sharp contrast

  • A black man redeemed from a life of crime though Christian faith
  • Aided by the white FBI agent who arrested him, and has since become his best friend
  • Developer of a prison-transition education program
  • Honored by President Trump long before Kenosha or Minneapolis

Americans KNOW the Jon Ponder Story is the true story of America