Why It Matters – The August 27th Show

Why It Matters – The August 27th Show

COVID – No Success Allowed


  • HCQ – covid treatment success!
  • Budesonide – covid treatment success!
  • Oleandrin – covid treatment success!
  • Blood plasma (advocated by MSM for months)….and now covid treatment success!

MSM coverage of all: dangerous, unproven, irresponsible, ‘scientists’ doubts’

…”if Trump says good (HCQ and plasma), we say bad”

Americans sense it:  There’s an agenda at work, and it is not about helping sick people

Once enough Americans realize their fear is being gamed/manipulated

            …the pandemic will be over, and no leftist official can prolong it


Kenosha – LeBron, Terrell, Facts


Remember Melania:  ‘Take a deep breath’; wait for the full facts

“Put yourself in the other’s shoes” before judging anything

Kenosha does not have to be seen as a black v. white incident…Americans of all points of

the political spectrum support justice and abhor injustice, regardless of skin color

Ignorant pouncing by Wisconsin Governor and LeBron James without knowing even half the facts causes real harm—

Police are defamed; enforcement declines…and then comes defunding

Innocent citizens will not just let their businesses and homes be destroyed

Militias are formed; defensive actions are taken; casualties are incurred

                                    Civic destruction and violence must end

         Ignorant, instantaneous defense of OR attack on police—Both hurt America