Why It Matters – The August 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The August 2nd Show

Taking America’s Temperature:  Today’s Primaries


Significant primaries in Arizona, Michigan, Kansas, Missouri and Washington state

  • GOPers who voted for Trump impeachment on the ropes
  • MAGA candidates generally leading

Kari Lake in AZ Gov race is a bellwether of overt opposition to Deep State

A Lake blowout would be a major victory toward restoring America

  • Rumbles of election fraud…mail-in ballots still in use; machines still in use

The real questions

  • How deep is the discontent with Biden and the Uniparty?
  • Will MAGA turnout overwhelm the cheating tools and the RINO ‘moderate’ message?


DC Mayor Bowser Bemoans Refugee Reality


≈4,000 migrants in DC, and Mayor Bowser wants to call out the National Guard???

TX Gov. Abbott invites DC and NYC Mayors to visit southern border cities

  • Hundreds of thousands of migrants…and in much smaller cities—damage is enormous

Initially dismissed as a political stunt, Abbott’s move of migrants to eastern cities may actually achieve a practical, non-partisan wakeup that nothing else could

  • Americans’ desire for immigration control is not equivalent to racism or lack of compassion
  • Overrun borders create overrun cities and overrun states, which lead to an overrun nation

Will Mayor Bowser or any politician EVER admit to being wrong?


How Long Must America SUFFER Biden?


Joe Biden did not receive 81 million votes; he did not win the Presidency

  • Evidence of election rigging is documented and overwhelming, but still being censored and suppressed by leftwing propaganda media

Not one of Biden’s actions/initiatives is a matter of mistake or incompetence

  • Biden is a compromised politician carrying out an agenda to destroy the Republic
  • The ‘destruction agenda’ is the product of an unelected leftist cabal

A majority of Americans are awake to the truth of what is happening

…but leadership is still lacking

Current politicians are not up to the task at this moment of history

‘Ordinary’ Americans are going to have to become extraordinary to preserve the Republic

Stand up, Speak Truth, and don’t back down

make the govt conform to the Constitution