Why It Matters – The August 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The August 2nd Show

Big Picture – War Fronts, Battle Plan


  • Border abandonment, massive illegal entries, no covid testing
  • Feds threatening states against doing election audits
  • 6th prisoners in solitary confinement; 2020 summer rioters/looters run free
  • FBI fabricating evidence, creating crimes (Russia collusion, Flynn, Whitmer kidnapping, 1/6 video withholding/unindicted yet visible leaders [FBI informants?] of ‘insurrection’)
  • US military ‘purges’ of white supremacists

Do not let debate about any one issue obscure the larger reality/big picture:

America is facing an all-out leftist war on every aspect of the American constitutional republic; an attempt to destroy or dismantle every institution and tradition that serves the interests of American citizens

Do not be afraid, but do get engaged

Evil only has a chance if good people stay silent


Jan 6th Political Prisoners Battlefront


  • FBI/DOJ still not releasing 14,000 hours of video – Why?
  • 6th prisoners – not one of whom was armed – many in solitary confinement – Why?
  • Congressmen attempt visit of DC prison, denied by ‘authorities’ – Why?
  • DOJ claims to be unready to try Jan. 6th cases until 2022 – Why?
  • FBI/DOJ apparently not prosecuting anyone for massive summer riots of 2020 – Why?

There are no good answers to any of these questions

This is what a lawless, dishonest, corrupt judicial system, taken over by the left, looks like

To stay on top of Jan. 6th news: 

Try “Telegram” and follow “The Professor’s Record” and Sidney Powell

Telegram rapidly becoming the uncensored ‘public square’ for news + info


Voting Integrity Battlefront


  • DOJ threatens states against doing election audits ??? Pure 1984 doublespeak
  • Seth Keshel’s 50-state analysis now complete – shows clear Trump win
  • Douglas Frank’s algorithm discovery remains unrefuted; conclusive as to massive, sophisticated election rigging; but personal hit pieces on Frank are accelerating
  • Lindell “Cyber Symposium” coming up August 10-12…37 terabytes of packet capture data…Patrick Byrne vouches for the data – will the Deep State try to block the event?

Overwhelming evidence of stolen 2020 election is accumulating every day

Two monumental questions to be decided by the American people…politicians MUST follow

  • What shall be done about the 2020 result?
  • How can an immediate, complete ‘start over’ be implemented in US election systems?


Covid Lockdowns Battlefront


  • CDC data continues to show 99.9% recovery rates for almost every age group
  • Proven therapies abound; vaccination rates >50%; herd immunity apparently achieved;

yet  >11K vaccine deaths and hundreds of thousands of adverse side effects

  • Delta variant apparently more contagious but much less lethal
  • Death rates from covid down 90% from July 2020 to July 2021
  • Zero medical evidence of mask efficacy; overwhelming evidence of lockdown harm far in excess of essentially nil lockdown benefits

Governors DeSantis and Me-too Abbott strong on no more lockdowns, school shutting, mask mandates…while Fauci calls for more of all of them; Biden likely to follow Fauci

At the core—Americans are relearning/re-deciding what it means to be a free people

            What does the govt get to decide or control about your life?

            Are Americans:  citizens?  Or Serfs?