Why It Matters – The August 30th Show

Why It Matters – The August 30th Show

Getting your head on war footing


The time to get engaged is NOW…America is facing a planned attack…the intent is to take down the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and end America the free

Afghan collapse…Woke-ism decimating the military…Cancel culture…CRT…Big Tech censorship…Zero borders…Covid hype…

Understand where each of these is leading, and understand that they are not unrelated

Understand the left’s obsession and zeal knows no bounds…COMPARE:

  • Trump had two years under GOP Senate and House control and except for his EO’s, accomplished very little in the way of legislation
  • Dems have thin margin in House and razor thin in Senate and are driving helter-skelter toward complete control of the American people

The left will not stop unless and until ‘we the people’ stop them

peacefully but firmly and without compromise of freedom


Americans in Kabul


  • Suicide bomber kills US soldiers; DoD knew attack was imminent?
  • Marine officers openly critical of Biden (and then relieved of duty)
  • Biden admin gives list of Americans it wants Taliban to protect…

Becomes a kill list for the Taliban

A fundamental reality and danger of leftism

  • No such thing as truth – THEREFORE, no ability to discern between truth and lies; between good and evil; and
  • No respect for the need to tell the truth to the American people

Biden should be impeached…this is manifest dereliction of duty…a massive betrayal of Americans in Afghanistan…ugly, ugly suspicions of being compromised by CCP


HR 4 = Mandating Permanent Election Fraud


  • Remember the war footing of the left: when they gain power (especially by cheating) they push and push and push their totalitarian agenda, and steamroll due process and legislative norms – such as reading the bills before passing them

HR1 was an attempt to mandate and protect election fraud in all 50 states, permanently

As soon as HR1 was defeated, the gist of it repackaged into HR4 and is being pursued again

  • Dem Secy of State in Colorado (Soros-funded) purports to ‘order’ the banning of election audits…in the face of overwhelming proof of election fraud in that state

Leftist leaders know no boundaries of honesty or propriety

The goal is absolute power, and the end justifies any means

Americans MUST wake up to what is happening to their country

This is not normal or ordinary

it is abnormal, extraordinary and deadly to freedom…STAND UP!


Harvard’s Atheist Head Chaplain


  • Harvard – founded by Christians for the pursuit of truth – now has an atheist as chaplain

Might even embarrass George Orwell…

  • Secular counseling services abound at Harvard and most all universities

The point of a chaplain is to offer the unique perspective of Scriptural-based

guidance for life’s challenges

An atheist by definition does not accord authority to God or the Bible’s teachings

Harvard’s appointment of an atheist chaplain would be funny if it weren’t so sad

Paraphrasing Orwell?:  an idea so stupid only an intellectual would believe it