Why It Matters – The August 31st Show

Why It Matters – The August 31st Show

Chase Bank Cancels Lt. Gen. Flynn, literally


Chase Bank canceled the credit cards of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, citing ‘reputational danger’ from continued association with Flynn

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is:

  • A lifelong Democrat
  • A decorated American military hero
  • Former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency under Barack Obama

But he supported President Trump, and believes the 2020 election was stolen

Chase Bank is casting its lot with the radical left, apparently believing a new power structure has taken control and kowtowing to it is wise

There is ‘reputational danger’ in Chase’s action…time will tell whose reputation is in danger

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is an American hero


Calls for Resignations


Aftermath of Afghanistan fiasco—

  • US retired Flag Officers openly calling for resignations of Milley and Austin
  • Flag Officers by definition have stature and experience with US military strategy and US military discipline

They KNOW the importance of accountability in leadership generally

They KNOW the imperative of accountability in military leadership

  • No one at the top of the chain of military command has acknowledged fault or apologized

The one Marine officer calling for accountability has been dismissed by the Pentagon

The American people will not tolerate this brazen, amoral irresponsibility

Leaders who have zero moral authority will soon find…

they are not leading anyone anymore


When Censorship is Evil: Shana Chappell vs Cindy Sheehan


  • Cindy Sheehan was/is a leftist who lost a son in the Iraq War, and her grief drove her to publicly protest and call for the impeachment of President George W. Bush

Sheehan was a darling of the mainstream media…a moral authority of the era

  • Shana Chappell lost a son in the suicide bombing at the Kabul Airport on 8/26, and her grief has driven her to publicly protest and denounce President Joe Biden

Big Tech (Facebook and Instagram) have taken down her public posts

Big Tech’s censorship is un-American and anti-American, and every American ‘soul’ knows it

Biden/Big Tech/MSM are blithely assuming Americans either aren’t noticing

or have unending patience with this evil

Wrong assumptions