Why It Matters – The August 31st Show

Why It Matters – The August 31st Show

Kenosha – and “Useful Idiot” Lebron


Criminal complaint that gave rise to arrest warrant against Jacob Blake is publicly available

Derived from sexual assault of his ex-girlfriend/mother of his 3 children

Blake had a restraining order against him; extensive criminal record

Read the complaint yourself….and understand that police were responding to a call for help

from the ex-girlfriend when Blake aggressively resisted arrest

Any woman of any skin color would complain of treatment like that by Blake

Any woman of any skin color would want police protection when harassed by a man like Blake

57 years ago MLK’s “I Have A Dream” called for judgement based on ‘content of character’

NBA’s Lebron James dismisses content of character of Jacob Blake; ignores character of aggrieved woman


Being goaded into a course that may destroy the NBA

So sad…but James is an adult – he needs to wake up and wise up


Kamala, Rand & This Marxist Overthrow


Head of USA Communist Party endorses Harris-Biden

“This is our time”; “Revolution; nothing less”

Kamala Harris solicited donations for bailing out Minneapolis rioters with criminal records

Harris publicly supports the riots; ‘they aren’t gonna stop’ ‘they shouldn’t stop’

Rand Paul accosted leaving RNC at WH – tear gas and rubber bullets to push mob away

Portland mob murders a man wearing a “Patriot Prayer” hat…’we took out the trash’


            The mobs are NOT demanding anything; there is nothing to negotiate

            The mob’s agenda is the Marxist overthrow of America

            They must be defeated and destroyed; there is no other choice


CDC’s 6% and Connecting Covid Dots


Data and analysis is accumulating…and it all points in one direction:

Covid-19 is not as lethal or as contagious or as ‘untreatable’ as feared

  • Annals of Internal Medicine: New study…no reason for shutdowns, school limitations
  • Median fatality age for Covid: 80
  • Testing scams abound. Testing the healthy unnecessary per CDC & Adds Fear
  • CDC ‘6%’ factoid – belies lethality, regardless of interpretive nuances pushed by the left
  • HCQ, Budesonide, Oleandrin – all show legitimate therapeutic results; yet all are denounced and suppressed

            Yet lockdowns continue…Americans are right to be restless…and ask WHY?

                    There is no good answer; there are only political explanations

           Governor Abbott in Texas needs to call out bad advice/admit mistakes

                                                And open up Texas, full tilt