Why It Matters – The August 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The August 3rd Show

Maricopa Arrogance vs. Dominion Whistleblower


  1. Never forget: the key leftist denial of electronic vote manipulation =>

‘Voting machines are not connected to the internet’  THIS IS A PROVEN LIE

  1. Maricopa Cty, AZ, Bd of Supervisors issues letter defying AZ Senate subpoenas

Letter exemplifies ruling class arrogance, lawlessness and utter contempt for the concepts

of transparency and accountability…reflects apparent belief they are invulnerable

AZ Senate has referred the matter to AZ Attorney General

  1. Video of new Dominion whistleblower released this morning…Patrick Byrne and other IT experts signaling this is significant…other Byrne commentary suggests more to come

Patrick Byrne’s “Deep Rig” movie also released for free viewing today

                        The election fraud story is coming to a head in August 2021

          The American people—not politicians or ‘institutions’—must decide what to do


Fourth Capitol Riot Cop Commits Suicide


Fourth suicide since January 6th…prompting widespread, uncomfortable speculation

Are they really suicides?  Or murders?
If suicides, for what reason?

Poor performance on January 6th?

PTSD from interacting with ‘insurrectionists’?

Fear of corrupt behavior being exposed?

Threatened if will not lie about Jan 6, but fearing consequences if they don’t?

If murders, by whom?  For what reason?

To silence potential whistleblowers?

The number of suicides in such a short time is demonstrably high and unusual

Transparency from all of Washington D.C. is desperately needed…but absent so far


Impeach Biden Over the Border?


Congressman Chip Roy (Texas) has noticed:

  • Allowing an invasion of the country at the southern border may be ‘treason’
  • Abandoning the duty to enforce US immigration law may be ‘high crimes’

THEREFORE:  Biden’s actions and inactions are impeachable under the Constitution

  • The phony impeachments of Trump cheapened & distorted the impeachment clause
  • Roy is right to force consideration of how serious the border situation has become
  • Roy deserves kudos for raising Constitutional method to address the lawlessness

Impeachment is the LEAST patriots should do

To fight back against the Left’s war on America