Why It Matters – The August 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The August 3rd Show

Texas Trumps BLM/Antifa


  • Social media alerted everyone to impending protests planned for Austin, TX
  • Protestors shipped in to Austin from Portland and Seattle
  • Targets included Austin Police Dept building and State Capitol building
  • Austin is the most liberal city in Texas, but even Austin unwilling to humor

wanton rioting and destruction of property

  • Police officers on horseback dispersed protestors; protestors refusing to leave were warned of arrest…and then were arrested
  • No deaths or major injuries to police or protestors

There is power in firmness and clarity and determination to defend principles of

            ‘ordered liberty’:  peaceful protests ok; rioting not ok, ever

Austin set a useful example for other US cities:

Get tough early, and stay that way


The Many Faceted Marxist Attack on America


  • Chicago ‘leaders’ asking for suspension of teaching US history until revised

…because current US history teaching led to white supremacy and white privilege

  • Bible burning (?!) by Portland protestors
  • Statue desecration of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln (?!)
  • AOC condemns St. Damien of Molokai—canonized for compassionate treatment of lepers—as white supremacist (?!)
  • Minneapolis police advise just give criminals what they want .. Money, purses
  • “Cultural appropriation” is another Leftist ploy to divide America

Americans must see through all of this to actual Marxist intentions—

            Teaching Americans to hate their country and their heritage

Americans must reject all of it out of hand, and NOT give an inch


America: Winning Against Marxists


  • Trader Joe’s says NO, and wins kudos

“Trader Ming’s” and Trader Jose’s” are not and never were racist, so don’t legitimize mob noise saying otherwise

  • MLB and NBA essentially call America a racist country…and ratings are cratering
  • City of Plano, TX successfully fights back against fake ‘Republican’ governance

Acting against the will of the people can be overruled, if people stand up