Why It Matters – The August 4th Show

Why It Matters – The August 4th Show

Late-Breaking News from Maricopa County


  • AZ State Senator Kelly Townsend secures financial audit of Mark Zuckerberg $3M donation

in support of use of Dominion voting systems in AZ

  • The interplay of social media (Facebook) and Dominion and the 2020 election will receive an audit/investigation
  • These are major developments in getting to the truth about election fraud in Arizona

Is this why covid hysteria is at level 12…the election fraud ‘squirrel’ distraction?


Great American Mom & CRT           


  • Black Tennessee mom steps up to denounce CRT in public schools
  • Her example of two 2 year-olds—black and white—who are friends and pals for years

until they reach school age…then taught black is a victim, white is oppressor

Friendship cancelled…a direct result of teaching CRT…which is supposedly banned in Tennessee

  • Takes moral courage for any mom to step up and denounce CRT
  • Takes extraordinary moral courage for a black mom to step up and denounce CRT

But it MUST be done

Moms are helping to save America…



UN investigates Racism in America


Biden/Blinken invite UN ‘experts’ on racism to investigate America

These ‘experts’ are already on record:

  • Denouncing Trump and nationalism (MAGA agenda)
  • Calling for reparations for slavery
  • Calling for limits on free speech; prosecution of ‘hate speech’

This is globalism/communism invited in, to critique, condemn, transform, destroy America

Americans are weary of anti-Americanism at the highest levels of US government

America DID NOT VOTE for this!!!


Patriotic Olympian & Bill Maher Commentary


Tamyra Mensah-Stock—the Olympic wrestler—is a new American icon

Black, woman, joyful, a patriot

Her joy at her success, and her love for America, resulted in a VIRAL video

The contrast with the US women’s soccer team couldn’t be more striking

The vast majority of Americans embrace Tamyra, and boo the soccer team

Bill Maher denounces the cancel culture/purging at the Olympics

Head of opening ceremony + creative director for the ceremony

BOTH terminated due to decades-old jokes in bad taste…one a ‘fat’ joke

Americans aren’t racist

they love their country

and they are fed up with cancel culture