The suppression of HCQ is becoming a national scandal...dare we call it another hoax? Tune in to Dr. Everett Piper, always an astute observer of American culture. Biden needs to be given a graceful way out, but the Dems won't let him. So instead, it's no debates, a prolonged VP selection, and a demand for mail-in ballots.

Why It Matters – The August 4th Show

Why It Matters – The August 4th Show

Covid, Gates and HCQ


Data documenting HCQ efficacy treating Covid is rapidly accumulating all over the world

51 studies now support use of HCQ against Covid-19

Entire countries’ data show lower death rates when HCQ widely available

HCQ has a 75-year history of safety and efficacy with malaria, lupus, other diseases

Recovered patients are real; they have no incentive to lie

They do not care whether there was or was not a Fauci-approved study predicting efficacy

American Assn. of Physicians & Surgeons suing feds to compel wider HCQ availability

Why should this lawsuit be necessary??!!

 Fauci’s relentless putdowns/smothering of HCQ news reeks of an agenda

            …and Americans sense it

Trump should replace Fauci, NOW


News from Biden’s Basement Bunker


Trump approval now 51%; enthusiasm gap strongly favors Trump

Biden’s mental decline reportedly accelerating…so Dem strategy roll out:

  1. “No debates” meme has officially launched

Joe Lockhart, NYT, Bill Kristol all out with contrived rationales for cancelling debates

Not fooling anyone – Biden is mentally unable to debate

  1. VP choice being delayed

Dems know that Americans know:  Biden’s VP is the President Nov. 4 (if Biden were to win)

Karen Bass linked to Nation of Islam???

  1. Mail-in ballots being enabled and justified by Fauci-extended pandemic fears

Pure playground for fraud and delay; for stealing an election

Nevada hijinks just the beginning

            DEMS have shown their true colors in 2020 like never before

    Americans must reject all radical leftism, which means reject all DEMS