Why It Matters – The August 5th Show

Why It Matters – The August 5th Show

Trump Denounces White Supremacism, AGAIN

        President Trump struck the right tone in his remarks this morning (watch for yourself)

        NO party in this country stands for FOR white supremacy.

        The ‘white supremacism’ meme that the Democrat Media Mob seek to attach to Trump and Trump supporters is baseless and inexcusable, yet incendiary and dangerous

o   Before running for President, Trump was an icon in the black community

o   He palled around with Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton


Shooters in Their Own Words

        These are the thoughts of ignorant, sick, morally confused and depraved individuals

        To politicize them is to trivialize their insanity and inhumanity.

        To blame one party or person for any of them is irresponsible, dishonest exploitation


DEMS Exploit El Paso, Ignore Dayton

        From Corey Booker, to AOC, to Elizabeth Warren, Beto, and many more, this is shameful exploitation of a true, painful, outrageous tragedy.

        Trying to score cheap political points by blaming Trump and Fox, ought to cost them political points.


Media Complicity

        Joe Biden’s campaign announcement video never received the denunciation it deserved:

        Trump never labeled white supremacists ‘very fine people’;

        This is an absolute, demonstrable falsehood;

        Biden chose this despicable lie upon which to launch his presidential campaign

            and the DMM cheered him on—

Is it any wonder unstable people fed false, inflammatory narratives do insane things?


        Michael Brown and the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!” LIE—are the legacy of Obama and Holder; NEITHER EVER corrected the record.

        In the same way the media NEVER pointed out Biden launched his campaign on a LIE, they never called attention to this and other incidents as false “racist” attacks

Today the media creates and perpetuates false narratives, AGAIN

            Secure borders, Loving America, Baltimore’s Reality:  These are NOT racist themes


Tribalism is Killing America

The spirit of America’s founding is ‘all men (and women) are created equal’

            AND Pluribus Unum – is “out of many, one”

Group identity politics is the contemporary term for tribalism—endlessly claiming “racism” when there are no grounds for it, hurts America

We CANNOT pursue racial or political identity tribalism AND pursue American unity