Why It Matters – The August 6th Show

Why It Matters – The August 6th Show

Covid Lockdowns Didn’t Work – Anywhere


Extensive study of European countries by Denmark’s Prof Bjornskov varying responses to Covid-19 found NO correlation between lockdowns and mortality rates

Extensive study of 12 Red States and 12 Progressive Blue States responses to Covid-19

Death rates per 1,000 cases were 5X lower in Red States with minimal                                             lockdowns/maximum freedom

Highest death rates per 1,000 cases in NJ & NY; MUCH lower in Florida, Texas

Even WHO envoys now speaking against continued lockdowns

One praising Sweden’s no lockdown approach

Another noting that lockdowns associated with spike in deaths from TB, HIV, malaria

The SCIENCE? : lockdowns unwarranted and ineffective; HCQ effective

    Continued lockdowns purely political; NOT about public health


ObamaGate Unraveling – Flynn Waiting


Sally Yates’ Senate testimony mostly skilled evasion; blaming FBI, protecting DOJ

Unchanged reality:  Yates knew FBI agents considered Flynn truthful; yet Yates pressed for Flynn’s termination from Trump WH…Yates supported the coup attempt

Most important unchanged reality: 

  • ObamaGate represents the most corrupt, most outrageous abuse of power in the history of the USA, but accountability has not been imposed
  • Trump says ‘breathtaking’ findings may be about to be released
  • 2020 election will make way for full accountability if R’s win; swept under the rug if D’s win

General Flynn deserves to ‘reclaim his time’ and his life

  America’s survival and restoration may depend on accountability for ObamaGate

          There is no way to call it a ‘justice system’ if this treason goes unpunished


National Parks Funding


America’s National Parks are a national treasure for all citizens and tourists

Few experiences are more inspiring and refreshing than a visit to a national park

Rare bipartisan legislative action, and a good use of tax dollars

Major funding supplied for upgrading and addressing deferred maintenance at

America’s National Parks

Before summer ends…visit a National Park!