Why It Matters – The August 8th Show

Why It Matters – The August 8th Show

The Destroy America Agenda Marches On


The singular challenge facing America:

  • Believing that Biden’s destruction of America agenda is PURPOSEFUL

Americans are typically patient, tolerant and optimistic

  • Give each political party the benefit of the doubt as to good intentions

RESULT:  Americans inclined to believe policies and actions are just poorly thought through;  mistaken; or possibly incompetent…but never willful and even malicious toward America as founded

But that is what Biden and the Biden agenda (open borders; Afghan abandonment; inflation; energy collapse) represent:

  • An administration ‘installed’ against the will of the people, to impose an agenda for the purposeful destruction of America as founded; an intended ‘fundamental transformation’ from Judeo-Christian America to secular totalitarian rule by elites

        When enough Americans know it is purposeful, they will rise, fight and defeat it


Inflation Reduction Act Hoax


Independent economic experts screaming to the admin:


Historically…political/economic wisdom from BOTH sides of the aisle:

NEVER raise taxes in a recession

  • This Act raises taxes on every level of income; massive spending is hyper-inflationary

Planning for 87,000 new IRS agents?   WTH???  Who does this?

  • What kind of country emerges from a super-powerful (and armed!!) IRS?

Remember today’s first slide:

  • The Biden agenda is purposeful in its intended destruction of America as founded

…And every Democrat voted for this Act


Truth: COVID Reality & Monkey Pox Risk


Censorship, suppression and distortion of medical data is creating fear, confusion, uncertainty and doubt in America and the world

Unexplained deaths happening around the world…

  • YouTube, FB and Twitter will not allow anyone to even raise questions
  • All such deaths are said to be anecdotal, w/o link to vaccines

Life insurance industry data is becoming the elephant in the room re covid vaccines

  • Lincoln Life reported 163% increase in life insurance payouts in 2021 in the 18-64 age group
  • Reports say the rise is not due to the covid disease—i.e., NOT from ‘dying from covid’

Monkey Pox pronouncements even more bizarre…

  • Disease strongly linked to gay sex is NOT a public health emergency to anyone not participating in gay sex; fearporn from CDC and others keeps pretending not to know this

Public health ‘authorities’ have lost the public’s trust


Herschel Walker Prays for Racist Host


Black media talking head paints Walker as unthinking ‘negro’ who will do what GOP wants

  • This is profoundly racist and insulting commentary

Leftists do not allow blacks to think anything but approved leftist doctrine: “You ain’t black

  • Herschel Walker is conservative, and the left will not allow ‘negroes’ to think conservatively

Every Democrat Senator—male and female, and of every skin color—just voted

  • For the Inflation Reduction Act
  • Against every GOP-proposed amendment

They did exactly what Chuck Schumer and the Democrat Party told them to do

  • This is the nature of party politics

Walker’s response to pray for the racist media talking head…perfect


Climate Con Continues


Climate experts tell the SEC no risk from use of fossil fuels

Even John Kerry admits US government action will not make a big difference in climate

But the hysteria continues…the calamitous spending…the denial of fossil fuel development


This is why so many observers say:  only the American people can save America

  • Uniparty ruling class is out of touch, arrogant, defiant and paralyzed by groupthink

Stand up and speak up for America!  Get engaged!