Why It Matters – The August 9th Show

Why It Matters – The August 9th Show

Cloward-Piven On Steroids


Cloward-Piven has been part of socialist, Marxist, anti-capitalist playbook since the 1960’s:

  • Overwhelm the welfare state
  • Create financial, and law and order crisis
  • Collapse the capitalist system—including individual freedom…and now in 2021:
  • Open floodgates at the border
  • Keep covid fear stoked
  • Promote critical race theory/racial agitation
  • Defund the police & encourage lawlessness
  • Emasculate the military
  • Spend the country into oblivion

These are not isolated, unrelated issues; they represent an agenda at work

Americans must wake up…America’s survival is at stake


Race, Border, Infrastructure & Antifa


Weekend news items…

  • of Wisconsin-Madison pays to uproot a rock because a 1925 news article indicates it was once referred to with a racial slur…a 1925 news article!!!
  • Open border has allowed 1 million illegal entries already; another 2 million forecast w/I year
  • $1T ‘infrastructure’ bill estimated to have 23% devoted to actual infrastructure
    • What on earth are GOP Senators doing supporting this??? AND Dems have announced their $3.5T fall spending plan FILLED w/ Green New Deal & Gov’t Power Growing Plans
  • Antifa attacks/disperses Portland outdoor prayer service; police do nothing

AGAIN…Americans must see these not as isolated, unrelated incidents

These are the product of an agenda to take down America

As Senator Rand Paul has suggested:  the time to resist is NOW


BLM accuses NYC of Racism


The left has created a pickle for themselves…

  • Blacks are among the most reluctant to take the covid vaccines
  • Railing at the unvaccinated is therefore racist
  • Vaccine passports are therefore Jim Crow laws, blocking blacks from full privileges

This is one more vivid reminder to blacks and other minorities:

  • The Left is NOT anti-racist
  • The Left USES fake claims of systemic and other racism to further its agenda
  • The left’s agenda is about totalitarian control of all people
  • Vaccine mandates are a powerful tool of control

SO…if vaccine mandates fall disproportionately on blacks…

Totalitarian leftists say “too bad for blacks”

 control is more important than racial equality


WHY & HOW to Fight


  • Governor Ron DeSantis is rising in stature because he’s blunt:

Biden/leftism is destroying the country, and somebody has to step up to save it

Senator Kennedy- WHY I voted NO

  • Seth Keshel…election fraud analyst and speaker at ACWT 9/18 conference…is delivering the same message:

IT’S TIME:  Every American patriot must step up and do what they are able to do to help save this country…local engagement, activism, civil disobedience if necessary

It will not be easy; it will not be fast; but it MUST be done

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