Why It Matters – The December 10th Show

Why It Matters – The December 10th Show

Can SCOTUS Stop a Coup?


SCOTUS can ‘take judicial notice’ of facts–

  • Smartmatic software intended to assure fixed elections for dictators
  • Chinese/Venezuelan influence/control of Dominion and related software is documented
  • China plague topples US economy before election; enables mail-in ballots
  • China planeload of printed US election ballots to Mexico, delivered across US border
  • China professor video re bought-off US officials, opposition to Trump, desire for Biden
  • Hunter Biden laptop; Tony Bobulinski testimony = Biden family compromised by China


The dots connect to a foreign-directed coup against the US government

            Election fraud and voter fraud were the means, but the objective was the coup

     SCOTUS shouldn’t need statutes to stop a coup; JUST HONOR THEIR OATH


FBI Fesses Up:  They Have Seth Rich’s Laptop


Seth Rich was the DNC staffer murdered in Washington DC soon after DNC email leaks

  • “Robbery gone bad”…but nothing was taken from Rich
  • Suspicions focused on Rich’s support of Bernie over Hillary in 2016, and possibility that he learned of election fraud used against Bernie and tried to blow the whistle

Official FBI position for four years:  FBI doesn’t have Seth Rich’s laptop; therefore can’t investigate

NOW: Litigation over the Seth Rich story just elicited FBI admission that they DO have Rich’s laptop

The Seth Rich murder lies at the heart of DNC corruption and much-touted-by-the-MSM claim of “Russians hacked the DNC” that triggered the Russia collusion hoax against Trump

The FBI’s proven lies, framing of innocents, and cover up of the guilty over at least the past four years are unconscionable

There must be a reckoning if the rule of law is to survive


Oregon & Texas:  Rule of Law Under Siege


Oregon:  Antifa set to establish a new ‘autonomous zone’ in Portland

  • “Autonomous” means laws for everyone else do not apply inside zone

Texas:  Newly elected (correction: second term) State rep proposes to change ‘castle doctrine’

  • Property owner can’t use deadly force against an intruder…thieves aren’t dangerous… they just want what they need and use weapons to incentivize cooperation from the property owner…just a form of wealth redistribution that may be justified…therefore deadly         force not permitted

This is stone-cold moral idiocy; a complete cultural remake of the concept of law

This is why we say the left opposes Judeo-Christian values—e.g., ‘thou shalt not steal

There is NOTHING good that can come from this

Legitimizing armed theft will produce more of it