Why It Matters – The December 10th Show

Why It Matters – The December 10th Show

Seeking Judicial Review = Impeachable?

Get this:

        A President goes to court to ask a judge to determine whether documents requested by Congress can be withheld because subject to ‘executive privilege’—a legal concept recognized for more than 50 years…

        And this is asserted by Democrats as an impeachable offense?!?!

        Dems’ position is that Congress cannot be challenged in court

Ø This is the eradication of ‘checks and balances’ among three branches of government

Ø This is the eradication of the Constitution

Ø This is the Democrat Party in 2019


Impeachment:  Hilarious and Shocking Reactions

        Even California beach people know President Trump has done nothing impeachable, and has said and done many right things

        Swing-state polls show President Trump leading and pulling away in 2020

        MSM attempts to cut away from Biden’s OBVIOUS corruption, and to claim it as ‘debunked’ are embarrassingly, transparently the work of partisan hacks, not journalists

The LIES of the Impeachment Scam, Just Like the LIES of the Russia Collusion Hoax are collapsing on the liars


Homeless vs. Homeowners

        Portland, Oregon ‘new construction’ policy shows where secular socialism leads…

            …Must make space in new developments for the ‘unhoused’

        Work hard, save money, buy a house in a new neighborhood as your reward? Nope.

            Working hard “rewarded” by imposing homeless safe spaces on private property.

        This is the result of secularism, which views the homeless as irredeemable, incapable of rising above their challenges, whose only hope it to be permanently sheltered & fed by almighty government via wealth redistribution.  This cements homelessness.

        Government rooted in America’s founding idea views all men having rights endowed by our Creator w/ the underlying assumption that redemption is possible      



The Peleton Wars

Twitter erupts over an ad with a grateful young wife thanking her young husband for an expensive gift of an exercise bike that has been enjoyable to use

Ø No such thing as a grateful young wife; only resentful, bitter spouses

Ø No such thing as a generous young husband; only a pig engaged in fat shaming

Ø No such thing as a happy marriage as normal or desirable

Leftism/feminism seeks to destroy all sense of normalcy and goodness between husband and wife

Time for Feminexit!