Why It Matters – The December 12th Show

Why It Matters – The December 12th Show

WHO Speaks for the American People?


Dystopian disconnect between American ‘rulers’ and the American people never wider

…and growing ever wider

  • Rigged elections disenfranchise the people; the Swamp doesn’t care
  • Treasonous behavior at all levels of federal govt defies the people/mocks the Constitution …the Swamp marches on, and defends its own
  • Overrun border endangers all Americans; the Swamp doesn’t care…talks amnesty instead
  • Imposed energy shortages crippling the economic well-being of millions of ‘we the people’

…the Swamp doesn’t care; climate hysteria is the tool for maximum control

  • Surveillance state + CBDC end privacy and freedom for ‘we the people’

…the Swamp relishes the potential for total control

  • Evidence of nefarious ‘plandemics’ abounds…the Swamp plows forward with more plotting

All of this defies the will of the people; none of it is with their consent

Does Kevin McCarthy even understand these revolutionary times?


Border Overrun SO Now’s the Time for Amnesty?


El Paso experiences the worst overrun of the border in history…this weekend

Yet GOP leaders start moving toward serial amnesty:  1) DACA, then 2) the rest…

Wall supposedly to be finished, but not made TOP priority

More and more Americans are recognizing

This battle is NOT Democrats v. Republicans

This is atheist communism v. freedom under God…it is full-fledged ‘unrestricted’ warfare

“Party” leaders do not seem to have a clue how serious the warfare is or how far along it is

…or they are compromised and working on the side of atheist communism

The American people are going to have to take a stand

Will Brazilians offer an example?


Hunter Hearings DOA?


Nothing captures the extent of ruling class/govt/Big Tech corruption, dishonesty and even treasonous behavior than the “Hunter Biden laptop” episode

  • FBI had it in its possession over a year before 2020 election; did nothing
  • 50 former US intelligence officials, including 5 former CIA directors, willingly and falsely declared it to be likely Russian disinformation

…with no evidence whatsoever to back them up

  • Contents of the laptop demonstrate a completely corrupt and compromised Biden family
    • …and Big Tech colluded with Deep State to censor/stifle the story before 2020 election
    • …and Senator Mitt Romney is discouraging hearings about it b/c a ‘waste of time’

Not clear how much more of this willful defiance the American people can take


Prisoner Swap from the Swamp: Griner NOT Whelan


Prisoner swap:  WNBA player…black lesbian Britney Griner who has denounced ‘racist’ America, for Russian arms dealer

  • Russian media mocking Biden’s choice
  • Left behind a Marine (albeit an imperfect one) for Griner…

…an in-your-face reflection of Biden’s leftist cabal imposing their values on America

Americans welcome home all Americans…but prisoner swaps inevitably driven by politics

  • Obama’s swap of five Gitmo terrorists for AWOL Bowie Bergdahl still rankles
  • Griner for a convicted arms dealer who facilitates efforts to kill and terrorize Americans

…there is no way this trade would be supported by a majority of Americans


Brazil & Bolsonaro


Brazilians know their election was stolen

Brazilian military knows the election was stolen

Bolsonaro knows and Lula knows the election was stolen

Millions of Brazilians have taken to the streets for a month to insist on justice

Bolsonaro carefully urging the people to stand up; urging the military to align with the people

Election ‘certification’ due today…will it hold?

And what will be the lesson to Americans????