Why It Matters – The December 12th Show

Why It Matters – The December 12th Show

Holocaust Denial & Anti-Semitism Rising


Recent poll of young Americans:

  • 20% of those between 18 and 29 years old believe the Holocaust is a myth
  • Zero percent of Americans over 65 say it is a myth

This is why there are protests in favor of Hamas; this is why antisemitism is exploding

This is the price of poor education and CRT/DEI indoctrination

  • Secularism cannot preserve civil society
  • Society MUST understand the difference between good and evil, and choose good
  • Hamas’ barbarity and depravity must be recognized as such, and cannot be tolerated under any circumstances
  • CCP support of Hamas should raise alarm bells worldwide

This is why parents must retake control of school boards and school curricula

  America must not fail to heed Santayana’s warning:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”


Special Counsel Corruption?


Patrick Byrne has revealed a major corruption story re Special Counsel Jack Smith

  • See deepcapture.com for full details

The gist from Byrne:

  • Smith was US prosecutor at the Hague prior to appointment as Special Counsel
  • Whistleblowers have documented apparent extortion and blackmail by Smith v. various European targets…’we’ll go after you unless you pay X (in bitcoin)’
  • Whistleblowers have documented that details were provided to DOJ over 18 months ago
  • Byrne’s inference/speculation:
  • Could AG Merrick Garland have threatened Smith with prosecution for this?
  • Did he give Smith the option to escape prosecution by agreeing to prosecute Trump with

a no-holds-barred ruthlessness that no uncompromised prosecutor would consider

Byrne is a very savvy and sophisticated player…and is trumpeting the whistleblowers credibility

  Is his inference re Garland correct?  Silence from the MSM so far…


Tactical Lawfare v. Trump


Special Counsel Jack Smith (corrupt?) has gone direct to SCOTUS for ruling on whether Trump has presidential immunity from prosecution…SCOTUS has apparently taken the appeal

  • More common to wait until evidentiary record is established as to what exactly is immunity claimed for
  • Pre-trial acceleration makes immunity issue more abstract and hypothetical…disfavors Trump

Entire premise of Jack Smith’s prosecution of Trump is that Trump lost a legitimate election and wrongfully challenged it.  Millions of Americans see that premise as false…evidence of  2020 election fraud is overwhelming

  • See Douglas Frank’s findings; see Capt. Seth Keshel’s analysis; see David Clements “Let My People Go”
  • See pre-election handling of Hunter Biden laptop, including fraudulent letter by 51 officials
  • See use of unsolicited mail-in ballots…utterly inadequate security/authentication
  • See other election law modifications NOT approved by state legislatures (as req’d by Constitution)
  • See 2000 Mules

Will SCOTUS ever address the real elephant in the room: 

Proof of the rigged 2020 election?