Why It Matters – The December 12th Show

Why It Matters – The December 12th Show

UK Brexit Vote Again Today 

        The grip of ruling class, secular elitism on power is being blasted throughout the world

        This is a major positive upheaval for those who value God-given individual freedom

        In America it’s the election of Donald Trump, and 20,000+ people Trump rallies in 2019

        In the UK it’s the election of PM Boris Johnson and today’s ‘second Brexit’ vote


It is a monumental, consequential struggle—a war—and it is not won (or lost) yet

The UK voted for Brexit 3 years ago; the ruling class has succeeded in blocking it since

The US voted for Drain the Swamp 3 years ago; the ruling class is still resisting




Impeachment, Coup and the Hidden Hand


The overwhelming, damning weight of the IG report is dawning on the country, not the spin


There has been criminal wrongdoing by the highest nat’l security  & law enf. officials of America


The American CIA/FBI/DOJ deliberately interfered with—MEDDLED—in the 2016 US election in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump…and subsequently attempted a coup against duly elected President Donald Trump…it is that simple and that unequivocal


Ø No ‘clean house’ effort can be too sweeping

Ø No member of the cabal perpetrating this should be given a pass


Who deserves maximum accountability?  The “Hidden Hand” points to the CIA


Trump Fights BDS – New Jersey Jews Murdered


        A rise in anti-Semitism has NEVER been a positive sign for any society

        The New Jersey murders this week were all about anti-Semitism/Jew-hatred

        President Trump signed an EO to fight anti-Semitism on US campuses, and to counter the BDS movement that is anti-Semitism by another name

        Hatred of Jews is often a proxy for hatred of God


America was founded with a reverence for “Divine Providence” or God

That’s why anti-Semitism has historically been understood as out of place in America

Anti-Semitism must be treated like white supremacy is treated

Neither has any place in America